Punisher, Superman, Batman, Shazam, more: February 2nd Comic Reel Wrap


Los Angeles criminals are getting scared -- Thomas Jane will be one of the guests at Wizard World Los Angeles this March 19-21 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Also on hand will be director/writer Johnathan Hensleigh, producers Gail Anne Hurd, Avi Arad and possibly wrestler Kevin Nash, depending on availability. This ups the star power for a con already boasting James Marsden, Selma Blair and Guillermo del Toro. In other "Punisher" news, IGN is one of numerous sites reporting that wrestler Kevin Nash was actually stabbed during his fight scene with Thomas Jane, but didn't notice until after filming was complete because he was so "pumped up" for his performance. Finally, Page 32 has a new "blow-by-blow" spoilerish description of the new "Punisher" theatrical trailer.


Superherohype has a new report from a scooper called "Leo K." (a new voice in their mailbox). First he claims Johnny Depp has not been contacted by the Superman production, but is being looked at for the role of Jor-El, not Lex Luthor. Then the report talks about Batman, claiming that the Iceland shoot will involve all-terrain vehicles (promising no replays of "Batman and Robin"), and that the Cardington Hangars (reported on previously by the Comic Reel) will be used to create both a huge train station and the Batcave itself. Next, Leo K. claims that Chris Cooper's refusal has handed the role of Commissioner Gordon to Morgan Freeman (if this is true, that leaves the Lucius Fox role wide open for Laurence Fishburne). Cillian Murphy is reported to be Jonathan Crane, Katie Holmes will be an assistant to Harvey Dent named "Rachel," with other roles still in discussion. Also, there's a revised description of the new Batmobile, with a jet black Bat-suit of a "new material" that stretches and bends easily without being skin-tight. In addition, Latino Review took a look at the script and has a number of positive things to say. Finally, Variety's Production Chart lists Batman as also filming in New York, a new development altogether.


Cinescape has a new spy report about the Lorenzo di Bonaventura production, referring to it as "more-or-less a prequel to the cartoon ... set before the rise of the COBRA organization." Look to see Cobra reborn, with the Commander only in full garb at the end of the film.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Cheaper by the Dozen" screenwriters Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow are the next ones in line to revise from William Goldman's script about Billy Batson and the power of Shazam.


Allocine.fr has a first look at the new trailer for the Enki Bilal adaptation. The film opens in Belgium and France on March 24th. Bilal also wrote and directed the big screen take on his work, with stars Linda Hardy, Yann Collette, Thomas Kretschmann, Frederic Pierrot and Charlotte Rampling.


Remember how we reported that Halle Berry appeared on Oprah Winfrey's fiftieth birthday special as Catwoman? TheMovieBox.net went ahead and digitized that for you.


Hollywood North Report notes that the film has finished production in Vancouver, and that David Goyer has now moved the movie into post-production.


The weekend saw some updates to Kryptonsite, including new images from the episode "Velocity," the WB's official description for the February 18 episode, "Obsession," as well as the network offering a fresh trailer for this Wednesday's episode "Hereafter." Of course, Devoted to Smallville has screen captures from last Wesdnesday's show, "Delete."


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