Punisher, Static Shock, Transformers, more: January 28th Comic Reel Wrap


Wrestler Kevin Nash talked to Comics Continuum about his involvement with the Thomas Jane-fueled action film. "The first time I went on set and I watched him and he has kind of that Clint Eastwood-ish approach," Nash said. "Thank God this movie came along because all of The Punisher fans will finally be able to put the Dolph Lundgren version to rest. He does The Punisher justice. He really hits a home run. He's a very talented actor." Meanwhile, the official site quietly updated itself with "Volume III: Saints & Sinners," a look at John Travolta's character, a first person shooter game (on the laptop), and a link to an "FBI site" which details their case against Howard Saint.


The same page at Comics Continuum reports that this week's episode "Out of Africa" will feature the return of Anansi (misspelled on their site), voiced by "Alias" star Carl Lumbly, who also gives voice to "Justice League's" Martian Manhunter. The title for the new episode showing on February 7 is "Fallen Hero."


VHI will be taking an in-depth look at what makes a super hero movie win or lose. Dissected films will include "Superman," "Batman," "Darkman," "The Crow," "Blade," "The Matrix," "Unbreakable," "Tomb Raider" and "Hulk." Commentaries from Tim Burton, Richard Donner, Stan Lee, Danny Elfman, Bryan Singer, Kevin Smith, Kathy Griffin and the Wu-Tang Clan's RZA will provide context.


Superman-V.com has a note about a new movie about the Girl of Steel, with Akiva Goldsman looking to produce it through Weed Road Pictures with movie execs Bob Brassel (also working on "Alexander" and "Constantine"), David Beaubaire (also working on "Barbarella") and Stephanie Gisondi (who's bringing Doug Miers' indie release "The Exec" to the big screen with Christopher Nolan). Goldsman allegedly said, "We are seeking a new writer." They say that "the project is in the development stages (since December 2001)."


Dark Horizons alleges that the Cajun X-Man won't be appearing in the sequels because he could be headed for a spin-off film of his own.


Producer Don Murphy posted a note on his message board, updating fans on the proposed live action film for everybody's favorite robots in disguise. "The Transformers Film that I am doing with Tom Desanto is still on target," Murphy posted. "Three studios are discussing a deal as we speak. We hope to conclude a deal within the next month. We are going to get this film right, and follow the classic mythology of the show and the comics."


Devoted to Smallville has posted TV Guide's description for next week's episode, "Velocity." Likewise, AOL has posted a Real Media preview for "Delete," which contains a scene from the show that's considered spoilerish.


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