Punisher, Spider-Man, the Mask, more: February 17th Comic Reel Wrap


A new band has been announced for the official soundtrack -- Seether will grace the collection of songs with a track, headlined by Evanescence's Amy Lee.


According to Dark Horizons, "HotDog Magazine reports that Eliza Dushku (Faith from 'Buffy'/'Angel') is Sam Raimi's favourite choice for the role of Felicia Hardy (aka The Black Cat)."


The Z Review has new photos and news from the set of the Carrey-free sequel. "Shooting for 'Son of The Mask' was at Neutral Bay in Sydney this morning -- car shots mainly, some nice American machinery, with some great interiors -- very Austin Powerish -- levers for everything, and a 'Granny Kill' score card on transmission tunnel! Buttons on the car included Smarty Pants Injector, and Petrol Head Master switches."


As always, Comics Continuum has a spoilerish synopsis with photos of this week's syndicated episode, "A Normal Life," written by Peter Mohan and directed by Alan Goluboff.


Ain't It Cool News features a spy rumor about the new Halle Berry action film that flies in the face of tons of earlier coverage. "I was recently in discussions with DC about a new BATMAN show at one of WB's newest theme parks," the scooper wrote. "The show features Catwoman. It is the older style Catwoman of the comics as opposed to the new Halle Berry look. When we started discussing the character I found out that DC wants to stay away from the Berry mythology. One of my first questions was why there was no mention of BATMAN in the new film. One of the ASSISTANTS blurted out that BATMAN is IN the new CATWOMAN film. Benjamin is playing him. He was shot several dirty looks by the other producers in the room. Interesting huh?"


In commenting on other coverage, Ain't It Cool News' Moriarity reveals a few fascinating tidbits. "The reports of Snipes attacking and choking his director onset are true," Moriarity said, "as are the reports of said director showing up with giant biker bodyguards for the rest of the shoot." Also, Moriarity says, "The thing that's got me the most interested is the idea that this is essentially a franchise picture that is all about getting rid of the title character for the good of the franchise. Seems they've got a plan for how to extend this series, and they don't involve Wesley."


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