Punisher, Spider-Man, LXG, Hulk, Smallville: C2F wrap for June 25, 2003


ThomasJane, star of the soon-to-lens "Punisher" recently told About:Romantic Movies that he finds the prospect of playing a well-known andmuch-loved character more daunting than the stunts that the role will require.

"Like I did with Mickey Mantle, it's taking on a figure that's just beloved by alot of folks, and trying to give it everything that I've got so that they getthe best of me," Jane said in a Q & A. "I give it every shot at just doing the absolute best that I canwith it."

Jane told the site he's no fan of superheroes.

"I wasn't a fan prior to because I didn't like superhero comics, but this guy

is such an anti-hero that I've fallen in love with him," Jane said. "He's so dark and it'sMarvel's darkest property, so I've fallen in love with the whole thing.

"And he's not a typical superhero because he doesn't have special powers.

Right. He doesn't have super powers. He can't leap over tall buildings, he can'tcrawl up a wall, he's just really, really angry."

Jane also told the site that he's looking forward to working with JohnTravolta on the movie, although they haven't begun preparing for it yet. Formore of Jane's comments about "The Punisher" and comic fans check out thecomplete interview.

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The ComicsContinuum tells fans to listen for Virginia Madsen ("TheHaunting") in the upcoming "Spider-Man" animated show. Madsenplays sexy mercenary Silver Sable in an episode called "Spider-ManDis-Sabled."

"Spider-Man" debuts on MTV on July 11th.


Fanscan check out LXGMovie.comfor another sneak peek at the upcoming movie based on Alan Moore's "TheLeague of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

A new section has opened on the official site entitled "Technology andthe League" spotlighting the "high-tech" gadgets the Victorianera heroes will use in the film.

Futuristic weapons include the so-called "Machine Gun" and"Gas Grenade."

The League will also travel in fanciful vehicles like "Nemo's Car"and "The Nautilus" while the villain of the piece cruises in the"Fantom Warship."


The latest figures published by BoxOffice Mojo showed "The Hulk" grabbing another $6 million attheaters on Monday, bringing the total gross to over $68 million.

By way of comparison, the unqualified hit "Finding Nemo" took in$6.9 million in its Monday after a $70 million opening weekend, and swam on the the #1 spot in its second week. This mayindicate that a severe drop-off for "Hulk," predicted by analysts onTuesday, may not be in the cards after all.

Fans who enjoyed "The Hulk" will also enjoy a couple of articlesfilling in the background of the movie.

TheL.A. Times has a nice write up with composer Danny Elfman who scored thetwo-hour plus movie. Elfman was hired to replace Mychael Danna, a personalfriend of Ang Lee who the director frequently collaborated with.

"It was a very extreme situation," Elfman recalls. "I wouldn'thave even flown up there if it hadn't been for how much respect I have for Ang.I had this horrible fear that he'd look at me like this Hollywood hack who'dcome in and do a predictable action movie score. After I looked at the film, Iwent home and had nightmares all night long - and that was before I realizedhow little time I had to do it."

With only 37 days (as opposed to the more typical 10 to 12 weeks) to scorethe movie, Elfman faced an uphill battle.

Check out the in-deptharticle for more about Elfman's "Hulk" experience.

If it's special effects you're interested in, then USAToday has an interesting write up for you. The national paper spotlightsJamy Wheless, the man behind the muscle in "The Hulk."

Wheless, a computer animator on the film, has been doodling the Hulk since hewas a kid. Now he works for ILM and is living the dream of bringing his hero tolife.


From a press release:

Whether they're on the big screen or the small screen, comic book heroes havenever been more popular, and to satisfy millions of television viewers hooked onthe latest twist on the DC Comics' Superman mythology, Warner Home Video (WHV)will release "Smallville: The Complete First Season" on DVD September23, 2003. The highest rated show on The WB among people ages 12-34 and acrossall male demographics, "Smallville" has consistently set ratings records. The six-disc DVD collector's set contains all 21 episodes from thefirst season, including the pilot episode, and is priced at $64.92 SRP.

The deluxe DVD collection of "Smallville: The Complete FirstSeason" contains super special features including audio commentaries on thepilot by executive producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, as well as pilotdirector David Nutter. Another commentary with Gough and Millar appears on theshow's second episode entitled "Metamorphosis." Additional specialfeatures include deleted scenes from two episodes, a storyboard to screenfeaturette and an interactive tour of Smallville. A DVD-ROM link tosmallville.net website also provides access to additional bonus content.


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