Times That the Punisher Has Escaped From Prison

The Cell, a one-shot by Garth Ennis and Lewis LaRosa, is really good, but it's not really a true escape comic book as it is a bit out of continuity. To wit, we don't actually see the Punisher escape. His whole plan in the comic is to be sent to the same prison as the people who ordered the mob hit that led to the death of the Punisher's family. They are in protective custody, so the only way to get to them was from within the prison.

Once he kills them all, he just sits back and waits for the riot cops to show up. It is implied that he will escape in the chaos, but the comic ends with him just sitting in a nice chair (the mob guys had nice chairs in their cells). So who knows?

When Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano took over Daredevil from Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, the cliffhanger of the previous series was that Daredevil looked like he was heading to prison. This led to the opening arc of Brubaker, Lark and Guadiano's run, "The Devil In Cell Block D," where the FBI arranges things so that all of Daredevil's most dangerous enemies are sent to the same prison that he and Kingpin are stuck in, with the hopes that a riot could be created that will lead to Daredevil and Kingpin's deaths (as they both have too much dirt on the FBI). The Punisher was also transferred to the prison.

Well, the riot happens, but Matt Murdock is able to avoid being killed and actually saves the warden and his staff from the other prisoners....

Therefore, the warden erases any footage that would show that Matt Murdock's escape plan (him being held hostage by the Punisher) was actually concocted by Daredevil himself...

Very cool stuff.

Finally, in Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads' Punisher run, the Punisher crossed over with the Black Widow, a series Edmondson was also writing at the time. The storyline ended up with the Black Widow (who didn't reference her fight with the Punisher from Punisher: War Zone) betraying the Punisher and throwing him into a Costa Rica prison.

He quickly starts a prison riot so that he can get close to a prisoner there. Once he gets the information he needs, he uses the riot to cover his escape...

The Punisher's prison escape on the recent Netflix series was very reminiscent of this escape.

As it turned out, the Black Widow didn't really betray him. Their plan always was for Castle to get into the Costa Rican prison to get close to the bad guy...

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