Punisher, Mortadelo, Elektra and Hulk: Comics2Film wrap for May 30, 2003


Want to know which characters are rounding out "The Punisher"movie? FilmJerk.comgot a hold of the casting sides for the film, documents which describe thecharacters that are in the picture.

According to FilmJerk, Artisan seeks sixsupporting characters for the production, which begins filming July 28th. Ofcourse, fans already know that Thomas Jane ("Dreamcatcher") is playingthe title role while and John Travolta ("Basic") has been cast as thevillain.

Casting directors are on the lookout for Nicky Duka (a slick, greasykind of guy), Detective Jimmy Weeks (the cop on the Punisher's trail), LeonardGlass (Saint's right hand man), Stanley Bumpo (The Punisher's overweightneighbor), John Saint (the villain's son, whose death draws the two maincharacters into conflict), Mike Toro (a cutthroat Cuban gangster).

"ThePunisher" is due out summer of 2004. Thanks to Cinescapefor the lead.

Don't forget: Artisan Entertainment has provided Comics2Film with a copy of the one-sheet to pass onto one lucky film fan. Just fill out the simple entry form on Comics2Film.comfor your chance to win! 



Varietyreports that the comic-based Spanish smash "Mortadelo & Filemon: TheBig Adventure" is lining up powerful distribution deals in Europe. 

Samuel and Victor Hadida'sMetropolitan Film Export and Italian producer/distributor Mondo TVhave locked down the rights to the movie. In Brazil Alpha Filmes picked up therights. Overseas Movie Distribution will circulate the movie in Singapore. 

Falcom Media Group has already signed on to bring the movie to fans inGermany. Art Port is covering Japan while Apex had the deal for Korea. 

According to Variety, the U.K.,Scandinavia and Latin America are now under negotiations. The article makes nomention of a U.S. distribution deal.

"Mortadelo & Filemon" is the second highest-grossing Spanishmovie of all time, bringing in $25.5million at the box office this year.



Pat O'Brien recently chatted up "Daredevil" and "Alias"actress Jennifer Garner for AccessHollywood. The entertainment anchor asked Garner about the status of the"Elektra" movie spin-off.

"I think that there is something in the works to be made nextsummer, definitely," Garner said. "We still need to read the first draft of the script, and ifit isn't great than none of us want to do it."

The actress added that she had a really great time playing Frank Miller'sfemme fatale in "Daredevil" and is hoping that the spin-off moviehappens.

Thanks to Movie City Geek for thelead.



Lotteryaddicts in Pennsylvania will be able to start scratching the Incredible Hulk inthe hopes of winning $12,000 next week. On Tuesday, June 3, The PennsylvaniaLottery will unveil the $2 "Hulk" instant ticket, tying in to nextmonth's blockbuster comic-to-film event.

According to the press release the "Hulk" game offers over $4.2 million in cash prizes, and the overall odds of winninga prize are 1-in-3.57.

"Hulk" tickets will also be available in Colorado, Iowa, and Mexico.

For additional information about the Pennsylvania Lottery, please visit the Lottery'sweb site.

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