Punisher Goes to War with the Ten Realms in New Series

Punisher Kill Krew

After the current Marvel comic crossover event War of the Realms, the Punisher isn't going to keep his fight against evil exclusive to the criminals of Earth anymore.

Spinning out of that epic crossover, Marvel has announced a new series, Punisher Kill Krew, written by Gerry Duggan and illustrated by Juan Ferreyra. The upcoming series will see Frank Castle on a mission of vengeance as he hunts monsters across the Ten Realms. The cover for the debut issue illustrated by Tony Moore is below:

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The new series has the antihero carrying out a bloody vow made during the crossover story only to stumble across a van full of orphans complicating his mission.

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Frank Castle had briefly been seen in the first issue of War of the Realms executing a group of criminals on the rooftops of New York City. After the fantastical army of monsters led by the dark elf Malekith invade Earth, the Punisher immediately leaps into the fray without question, guns blazing to take on the new threat.

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The series title is a reference to Grant Morrison, Mark Millar and Steve Yeowell's off-beat '90s series Skrull Kill Krew, which featured a squad of alien-hunting heroes. If this Punisher series lives up to its namesake, the Marvel Universe is about to be a bad place to be a monster.

Punisher Kill Krew #1 is written by Gerry Duggan and illustrated by Juan Ferreyra. The series is expected to debut this July from Marvel Comics.

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