Punisher Just Made The Juggernaut [SPOILER] and [Also SPOILER]

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Punisher: Kill Krew #3 by Gerry Duggan, Jaun Ferreyra and VC's Cory Petit, on sale now.

The Punisher has made several of Marvel's best (and worst) villains feel some kind of way -- usually afraid and potentially remorseful from his actions. He's also made many of the Universe's heroes angry or appalled at his flagrant lack of regard for human life. He's never made a villain sick or sad, though.

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Frank Castle does both, however, in Punisher: Kill Krew #3, to the Juggernaut, of all people.

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Punisher Kill Krew Juggernaut

The premise of Punisher: Kill Krew, which spins out from War of the Realms, is possibly the most ridiculous Punisher book yet. (Aside from perhaps his current stint as the Cosmic Ghost Rider.) The story features the usually grounded, street-level Frank Castle taking on a variety of mythological monsters more at home in the Thor books. In Issue #3, The Punisher, along with unwitting partner Foggy Nelson, rescues The Juggernaut from a group of Frost Giants. The ensuing battle is filled with over-the-top action and bluish green frost giant blood. But it's what happens after the fight that churns a certain character's stomach.

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Punisher interrogates the Frost Giants for information concerning Kasyckla, a Frost Giant who had killed an innocent family. Hunting him down to take revenge, The Punisher employs (off-screen, of course) a method of torture that is especially disgusting: removing a fingernail.

It's so disturbing, in fact, that The Juggernaut loses his lunch at the grisly sights and sounds. Said stomach contents are, of course, cartoonish in volume. Not only is the liquid as green as The Hulk himself, but it's an absolute flood of bile and Odin only knows what else. Unfortunately for Foggy Nelson, he was right in the general trajectory of Juggernaut's Cytorrak-powered puke.


Punisher Kill Krew Juggernaut

After The Punisher comments on the mess inside the van, Juggernaut asks about Frank's new mission. He explains about Kasyckla's massacre of innocent humans, before pulling out hand-drawn pictures made by the orphans of the Frost Giant's victims. This inhumane tragedy brings the Juggernaut to tears, in just as animated a fashion as his earlier throwing up. Tears and snot run down his face, intermingling with the upchuck still surrounding his mouth. This makes Juggernaut quickly sign up to help Frank kill the rest of the Frost Giants. While this demand for justice for innocents may seem out of character for a villain, it's worth noting that The Juggernaut has actually been a more heroic characters for several years in the Marvel Universe. At the same time, his morality hasn't evolved to disagree with Frank's particularly ruthless methods, though his gag reflex certainly has.

Also of note is, again, the intentionally exaggerated nature of the series. Punisher: Kill Crew, while clearly taking place in the Marvel Universe, breaches the realms of parody. This extends to the more comedic art, as well as the lackadaisical portrayal of the Avengers and Daredevil, who appear later in the issue.

As funny as things may seem, however, both its protagonist's strong convictions and The Juggernaut's weak stomach are series business.

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