Punisher, Hulk, Phantom, Hellboy and Spider-Man: Comics2Film wrap for June 18, 2003


Yourstruly sat down to watch "The Hulk" last night (review coming later)and was also treated to the teaser trailer for "The Punisher." As hasbeen previously announced, the teaser for Marvel's vigilante flick will berunning with big green. Here's a synopsis for those who can't wait to see it.

The clip does a much better job of portraying "Punisher" as anedgy, dangerous character than the promo picture that was released back inApril. The film is super-grainy and almost feverish as the hand-held camera pansover a massive array of weapons laid out on a table. Eventually the camera getsto the edge of the table, revealing the skull and then the man wearing it.

It's the same imagary and setting from the publicity shot, but filmed in a grainy, shakymanner to give it an edgy, askew feel that that photo lacked. Over the imagesThomas Jane dramatically intones, "They killed my family. They thought theykilled me. What I do isn't vengeance. What I do is PUNISHMENT."

From there it drops to titles with the message "The Punishment beginssummer 2004."

Fans can see it for themselves with "The Hulk" and will also findit on the officialPunisher website on Friday.


There's been quite a bit of reporting of late about the super group made upof former STP front man Scott Weiland and former G n' R players Slash, DuffMcKagan, Matt Sorum and Dave Kushner, who provide the song "Set MeFree" for "The Hulk."

Although press materials from Universal have not identified the band, readerShamelessBatman writes in to tell us that the group does have a name. SB pointedus to several online reports from various music sites, which reveal the group hasnow settled on the name "Velvet Revolver."

And just so you get your daily "Hulk" fix leading up to Friday'srelease, here are a few more media clips for your viewing enjoyment:


Screenwriter Steven De Sousa wastapped last year to write a script for the new feature film take on Lee Falk's"The Phantom." De Sousa recently did an interview with Friendsof the Phantom fan club founder Ed Rhoades which was published on thePhantom fan site TheDeep Woods.

De Sousa reveals that he completed a draft of "ThePhantom" in May and has completed his contract with the producers of themovie. However, he also said that he'd be happy to do additional work on theproject if the opportunity arises.

The interview goes in depth about thewriter's thoughts on the previous Hollywood take on the character (which starredBilly Zane and Catherine Zeta-Jones in a period adaptation) as well as DeSousa's general thoughts about the character and how the new movie might workout.

As an interesting side note, De Sousa also tells Rhoades, "I havealso been in talks with Marvel about a character who may be even less well-knownthan Daredevil - (but we hope to fix that)."

For more on De Sousa and"The Phantom" check out thecomplete interview.

Thanks to Chris for the lead!


NickNunziata's "Hellboy"traveloguecontinues this week. With part 4 Nick starts to get into the good stuff,detailing his visit to the set and seeing Ron Perlman in "Hellboy"makeup for the first time.

Nick also scoops fans on the "good" and "evil"teaser images being prepped for an upcoming issue of Time magazine and gives aclose-up look at the comic book prop that will be used in the movie.


New images of Doc Ock's offices can be found at NewFilmmakers.com.These are pictures of the same building that C2F readers first saw backin April. However, the new set of images offers some nice, close-up details.

Thanks to Aint-it-cool-newsfor the lead.


Get ready to Hulk out!

Thegood folks at Toy Biz and Comics2Film are teaming up to give you a chance tobring jade-jaws home. Enter our giveaway and you can win one of three"Hulk" action figures, based on the upcoming movie.

We're accepting entries from now until June 19 (the day before the big movieopening). Just fill out the simple entry form on Comics2Film.comfor your chance to win!


ArtisanEntertainment can't stop the punishment!

They've already provided ten posters for Comics2Film readers in our currentlyin progress giveaway. Now the studio has ponied up five t-shirts promoting themovie as well.

So we're expanding the drawing once again with a new prize structure: Onegrand prize winner will get both a poster and a t-shirt. Nine individual winnerswill get a poster. Four individual winners will get t-shirts.

If you've already entered, you don't need to do anything else.

If you haven't entered yet, we'll be taking names from now until June 22 (right around the time that theofficial website officialwebsite launches). Just fill out the simple entry form on Comics2Film.comfor your chance to win!


Comics2Filmhas teamed up with Devil'sDue Publishing to give fan artists a chance to see their artwork inprint.

We're looking for a few good pencil and inkgurus to work up a faux cover for the "G.I. Joe" comic. The top threeentries will be published in the pages of upcoming Devil's Due comics.

We'vejust launched the contest, so there's still plenty of time to enter. Click overto the Comics2Film.comwebsite for complete details and official rules. Then draw that cover!

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