Punisher, Hellboy, AvP, Luke Cage: March 25th Comic Reel Wrap


Thomas Jane talked to USA Today about the upcoming action film. "I love guys who are at odds with themselves," he said. "I don't think there's an actor out there who is filling that niche for tough-guy movies the way they used to be made. Nobody is taking the place of guys like Charles Bronson or Steve McQueen or Clint Eastwood. That's what I want to do. I just want to be as good as some of the guys I learned from, like Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman. Billy Bob Thornton said something that stuck with me: Find out what kind of animal you are, and be that animal. I'm finally discovering what kind of animal that is. The kind that wants to make hard-boiled, hard-nosed, take-no-prisoners punk-rock action movies."


Can't wait to see some of the movie? Those zany kids at Countingdown.com have posted six clips from the film, including the action packed tunnel chase and the subway fight. In another amazing act of theft, the crack troops at Hellsite2 have stolen 300 eight-foot-wide "Hellboy" banners and are giving them away. Finally, actor Ron Perlman spoke to Moviehole and Sci Fi Wire about his experience as Hellboy. Oh, you are kidding? Who in their right mind would say no to this character? It's a dream come true," he told Moviehole. "Let's examine, if you will, what Hellboy does in this film," Perlman said. "He drinks beer. He smokes cigars. He f--ks around with the guys he works with to the point where he drives them up the wall. He's a wiseass. He's a wisecracking dude. He trash-talks the people that he's fighting against for life or death. He's constantly in this kind of mode like, 'Is that all you've got?' There's nothing similar to him [in] me."


Want an early look at the official site? In another feat of amazing digital theft, IGN's Filmforce hacked in, and is willing to give you access. Just go to this link, type user name "avp" and password "weyland." Trailers, wallpapers, and more.


Comics Continuum caught up with director John Singleton at last week's Wizard World convention, and the director was uncharacteristically chatty about the new Marvel adaptation. "I got a couple of people in mind, but it's premature to say. It's going to be announced in probably a week or so who's going to be Cage. We're working on a new draft and we should be casting really soon." The villain for the film will be Diamondback (not the one Captain America dated). "And I'm trying to get in some of the other characters, like Chemistro, and maybe the Wrecking Crew or some of the obscure Marvel villains," Singleton said, and he confirmed that Cage will indeed use the "Sweet Christmas!" exhortation both loved and loathed by fans. "When I read the script, I bust out laughing when he said that," Singleton said. "But he can't wear the yellow shirt and he can't have the chains -- I'm not having that. And it's not like the Richard Corben one, either. I'm doing the movie for one reason, to have him break out of Seagate Prison with his bare hands. It's a fun movie. It's hip. It's so cool. Imagine if 50 Cent got super-powers."


The Hollywood Reporter have confirmed that Tom Wilkinson and Rutger Hauer have both been cast in the now-filming Christoper Nolan Bat-film. Wilkinson will play a crime boss named Falcone, and Hauer plays Earle, a business contemporary of Thomas Wayne who's after the Wayne business empire.


According to USA Today, "Sony executives are looking at the possibility of as many as six Spider-Man movies, which would make it second only to James Bond as an enduring action series."


Kryptonsite is at it again, with a gallery of screen captures from the trailer for the new episode "Legacy," guest starring Christopher Reeve. Or, if you're so inclined, you can watch a Windows Media version of it at Devoted to Smallville.


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