Punisher, Ghost Rider, Daredevil 2, Blade and Hulk: Comics2Film wrap for August 14, 2003


Eduardo Yanez is the latest addition to the cast of "The Punisher"according to theHollywood Reporter. The actor, who previously appeared in "WildThings" and "Megiddo: The Omega Code 2" has been cast in a bitpart as a Cuban gangster.

In other "Punisher" news, cover artist extraordinaire TimBradstreet revealed on his officialwebsite that he is involved with the production. Bradstreet is well knownfor his gritty, urban cover paintings for crime-oriented comics and has beenproviding covers for "The Punisher" for several years. 

Word is that director Jonathan Hensleigh wanted the Bradstreet look for hisfilm early on and has been trying to get or keep the artist involved indevelopment almost from the start. At the recentpress conference the director noted Bradstreet's influence on the movie.

"Stick around until September when I will reveal the big news about thenew 'Punisher film,'" Bradstreet told readers of his site. "I aminvolved, but to find out how, check back for the straight dope inSeptember."



UGOrecently scored an interview with Mark Steven Johnson, the fan-favorite directorof "Daredevil" and the upcoming "Ghost Rider."

With regards to the hit movie, "Daredevil," UGO asked the directorif there was anything he would have done differently.

"Oh, yeah," Johnson said, laughing. "Absolutely. It was onlymy second movie, and my first was so small. This was learn-as-you-go."

UGO asked specifically about the scene early in the movie where Daredevilkills a man on the subway tracks. 

"I agonized over that, and I thought that if Daredevil doesn't kill him,then he's Batman, and every other superhero. If he stands there and lets the guyget cut in half, then that's something I haven't seen before," Johnsonsaid. "Every time I could, I would try to do something different. Could theaudience root for a guy that isn't even sure if he's a good guy or a badguy?"

When asked if the "Born Again" storyline would be good fodder for"Daredevil 2" Johnson responded, "I think that would be awesome.That's something we've talked about. At some point, it would also be great to doKevin Smith's 'Guardian' Devil storyline."

He added, "There are some old villains that may be lame now that couldbe reinvented."

Johnson is currently at work writing the script for "Ghost Rider"which he'll also direct. Johnson said the work is going "awesome. I'msitting at my screen right now. I'm turning in the draft in a few weeks and Ihope to be shooting in the fall."

His take on "Ghost Rider" will center on Johnny Blaze. "I wantto take all the stuff from the original and update it. If Evel Knievel wasaround today, with all his charisma, he'd probably be amazing," Johnsonsaid. "He'd be like king of the X-Games and bigger than Tony Hawk. Ithought I would do it the way the comics did it."

However, the look of the character will borrow more heavily from the JavierSaltares / Mark Texiera take of the 1990s.

"I always liked Johnny Blaze more than Danny Ketch, because I liked thatcowboy southwest vibe. But the look was much better later in the Howard Mackiestorylines with villains like the [Marvel] Scarecrow."

Johnson also confirmed that Nicolas Cage is still attached to star in it."He's a huge fan, with a huge Ghost Rider tattoo on his left shoulder.That's how serious he is."

For more from Mark Steven Johnson check out the complete, in depth interview at UGO.



Lion's Gate Entertainment released their earnings report for first quarter offiscal 2004 which included one detail about the upcoming "Blade"animated TV series for MTV. 

In summing up Lions Gate's CineGroupe animation partner and its contributionto the company bottom line, the report contains this statement. "Inaddition, CineGroupe is in development with Marvel Entertainment on the animatedseries 'Blade' for MTV, based on the blockbuster film franchise."



ScreenDaily reports that "The Hulk" opened big in India. The movie grossed $214,000 from 81 theatres in India for Universal's ninthbiggest opening ever in the territory.



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