Punisher, Garfield, Blueberry and Matrix vs. Spider-Man: Comics2Film wrap for May 23, 2003


Lastweek Artisan shipped the teaser poster for next summer's "ThePunisher" to movie theaters everywhere. The artwork got a good reactionfrom fans, with it's menacing skull and black and red color scheme.

Now Artisan has provided Comics2Film with a copy of the one-sheet to pass onto you members of the Punisher posse.

Just fill out the simple entry form on Comics2Film.comfor your chance to win! 



Who needs actors these days when you have CGI? Synthespians are landing primeacting these days, with computer-generated guys like the incredible Hulk andScooby Doo now starring in movies.

The next animated leading man is set to be the titular star of"Garfield" who goes to work on his movie this month.

Principal photography involving the traditional actors wrapped early thismonth. On May 7th Breckin Meyer ("Road Trip"), Jennifer Love Hewitt("The Tuxedo") and Stephen Tobolowsky ("Memento") completedtheir duties as the flesh and blood participants in the movie. Meyer playsGarfield's owner, Jon Arbuckle while Hewitt plays the love-interest Liz Wilson.Tobolowsky plays the ironically named Happy.

Work now begins on animating the flabby feline. Word is that creator JimDavis is in constant communication with the animation team.

So far the voice of Garfield has not been cast, but recording sessions areset to begin soon.

In the meantime Twentieth Century Fox has pushed back the release date forthe movie, to give CGI actor time to work. The film is now due out June 4th, 2004.Fox has acquired the domain name GarfieldMovie.comin anticipation, although the address currently redirects to the general Foxmovie site.



In a report from Cannes Varietystates that France-based UGC Intl. has presold distribution of the comic-based"Blueberry" to almost every non-English speaking territory in theworld.

"Blueberry" is based on Moebius' western comic of the same name.Jan Kounen ("Doberman") directed the $35 million movie, which filmed inMexico last summer.

The movie stars Vincent Cassel as Lt. Blueberry. Other cast members includeJuliette Lewis ("Old School"), Colm Meaney ("Star Trek: The NextGeneration"), Michael Madsen ("Reservoir Dogs") and Eddie Izzard("Mystery Men").

According to Variety, distribution deals included Filmax in Spain, Tobis inGermany, Central Partnership in Russia, Pyrine in Poland and Hungary, Proptikiin Greece and I Vision in Korea. Japan was sold to Media Factory at the AFM.



Warner Bros. has announced that "The Matrix: Reloaded" has struckdown another box-office record set by comic-to-film champ"Spider-Man."

"The Matrix" sequel has rung up $157.6 million in its first sevendays, outdoing the web-spinner by $6 million.

When the movie opened last weekend, it also toppled Spidey's high-water markfor biggest five-day weekend opening. However, the Marvel star is still champ tothe three-day weekend opening category.

The cyber-sequel new enjoys a total domestic gross of $158.2 million.

This weekend Neo takes on God himself. "Reloaded's" big competitionat the box office will be "Bruce Almighty," which features JimCarrey's return to movies that are funny. 

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