Punisher, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man 2: June 24th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Moviehole, there's some doubts about a Punisher sequel. According to their insider, "The returns have been pretty disappointing. Tom Jane has won raves, so he's going to come [out] of it all alright and word is, he's already in talks to play another comic book-esque character, but he probably won't be doing the sequel to this. It was supposed to be full-speed ahead on chapter two, but the studio realizes it's not going to make any money so have erased it from the future flatplan. Too much money at stake." Any possible sequel, they believe, would not have Thomas Jane and would go direct-to-video.


While talking to USA Today about some tiny independent film about a kid named Peter Parker, Marvel's Avi Arad said that Michael Chiklis is virtually a lock for next week's cast announcement as the Thing. Stan Lee chimed in, saying, "Chiklis is tough and rugged, yet he has a likable quality - and that's The Thing." As for the role of Susan Storm, Rachel McAdams ("Mean Girls," "The Notebook") is a favorite. "She'd be great," Arad said, "We like her a lot."


Speaking of the aforementioned story of Peter Parker, director Sam Raimi talked to Superhero Hype about the impending sequel. "In my mind, I was working on the story and I knew how I wanted it to end. The story of a life out of balance, first lopsided in one way as he tries to be this responsible young man and then lopsided in another way as he decides the hell with it, I'm living my life, damn anybody else. And then that road leads to such moral decay that he finally has to say to himself I will go back to my lopsided life of being Spider-Man and just down this road of responsibility. Unfortunately it's like a prison sentence to him. What he doesn't know is that by the end of the piece, he learns, through Mary Jane Watson that he cannot go down that road alone. And so I found that he found a sense of balance by the end. So it seemed to me, complete, as a complete story. Also the story of some young man who is on the road to responsibility, learns the sacrifices that are necessary to be responsible. I felt that he had learned a lesson, so it seemed complete in a few different ways. I didn't really think of it as a franchise movie."


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