Punisher 2, Smallville, Hellboy 2: April 15th Comic Reel Wrap


Forget about waiting -- as hinted at weeks ago at Wizard World Los Angeles, the news is out that Thomas Jane's next on-screen adversary will be Jigsaw, according to USA Today. "He's this rageful guy who had his face horribly mutilated by The Punisher," said Jane. "He's all stitched up back together, but his whole shredded, scarred body looks like a jigsaw." Also, Moviehole has an interview with John Travolta where he discusses numerous things, including his approach to his character. "I think the key here is the more serious he was, the funnier he became. I wasn't sure I was going to play this until the last minute because I had to see what Thomas Jane was doing and the rest of the cast. When I found out they were playing it dead serious, and that was pretty funny, I thought, 'Okay. I'm gonna play it subtle and serious and it will be funny.' It's funny because most comic strip movies think they have to do the other and the more we played it like we were in a Scorsese movie, the funnier it became."


Care to see a gallery of screen captures for next week's episode, "Truth?" Kryptonsite is happy to provide them. Plus, Toonzone reports, "America Online will debut new episodes of Chloe Chronicles, short online video segments that extend the plotlines of The WB's 'Smallville' ... new episodes will debut each Wednesday ... and continuing through May 26. Meanwhile, DC Comics' 'Smallville' title will also begin tying into the online series, offering enhanced backstories to online segments. Chloe Chronicles can only be viewed through the AOL for Broadband service at AOL Keyword: Chloe Chronicles."


Len Stein wrote in to point out an article talking about visual effects house Cafe FX's work on the Guillermo del Toro-helmed adaptation. "While the titular character packs quite a punch (from a giant stone fist, no less), he sometimes gets by with some help from his friends, like Liz Sherman, whose paranormal skills include the ability to barbecue bad guys in seconds, compliments of visual effects house CaféFX. In one spectacular sequence, Hellboy (played by Ron Perlman) finds himself in a pinch, in a losing battle with a group of unsavory demonic beasts. To prevent her colleague from meeting his maker (Satan himself), Liz Sherman (actress Selma Blair) uses her ability to 'supernova,' emitting a powerful blast of flame that reduces the evil creatures, and their eggs, into piles of ash. 'I've known Hellboy's visual effects supervisor Edward Irastorza since his 'Xena' and 'Hercules' days,' said CaféFX effects supervisor Everett Burrell. 'He saw what we developed with flames in 'Gothika' (Warner Bros), and thought we'd be perfect for this sequence. But, this challenge was much different,' Burrell added. 'We had to achieve something much bigger and other-worldly than we did on that film.' Burrell was given concept art by Mignola, who worked closely on the film, to decide where to begin. 'We had to create a very stylized blue flame,' said Burrell. 'In fact, I think the only red in the entire film is Hellboy himself.' 'Secondly, the flame had to specifically come from Liz. Not from behind, or from the sides. It had to appear that her body was actually emitting the flame.' Unable to set an actress on fire, CaféFX conceived another solution. 'We match-moved Selma Blair's actual movements down to the slightest twitch and in Maya, created a very detailed three dimensional model of Liz, in place of the actual actress,' said effects artist Domenic DiGiorgio. 'Therefore, we were able to make the flame erupt from her body and employ the 'flashlight effect' to actually illuminate her flesh, allowing he viewer to see straight through to her skeleton.'"


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