Punisher 2, Hellboy 2, X-Men 3, Smallville: April 6th Comic Reel Wrap


IESB talked to actor Doug Jones (better known as Abe Sapien) about the upcoming sequel. "Doug reveals that while shooting Pan's Labyrinth in Spain, del Toro stated that Abe will indeed have more screen time and that this time he gets a chance to fight some baddies. He admits that he has not yet read the script but that Guillermo promises that Abe will be on an equal playing level with Hellboy."


Despite earlier reports that they're still working on a script, Moviehole claims that "'Punisher 2' is a go, and should be in theatres next year."


Latino Review has all three clips shown on Fox TV Monday night.


What does the legal dispute between the Siegels and DC mean for everybody's favorite farm town? CBR's own Brian Cronin has all the answers in an in-depth legal analysis.

Meanwhile, Devoted to Smallville (registration required) and Kryptonsite both have preview images from the April 20th episode, "Mercy."


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