PunditFact scrutinizes Whoopi Goldberg's Thor claim

A project of The Tampa Bay Times and the Poynter Institute, PunditFact is dedicated to verifying the accuracy of claims made by political pundits, columnists, analysts and television hosts -- your Rush Limbaughs, your Rachel Maddows, your Ann Coulters. Perhaps there's something in the air, with Comic-Con International upon us, but for whatever reason, the Truth-O-Meter has turned its attention to the announcement of the new Thor last week on The View -- specifically, a statement made by co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

Responding to a reader's plea, PunditFact's Katie Sanders fact-checks Goldberg's claim that, "for the first time in history that hammer [Mjolnir] is being held by a woman," and discovers what most Marvel fans already knew: that several other female characters, from Jane Foster to Wonder Woman to Storm, have wielded the mighty hammer (even if most of the instances occurred in What If/alternate-reality scenarios).

In the end, PunditFact reluctantly determines that Goldberg's statement is "Mostly False."

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