Pulp 2.0 revives <i>Scarlet in Gaslight</i> and other vintage tales

The Sherlock Holmes/Dracula miniseries Scarlet in Gaslight, written by Martin Powell and illustrated by Seppo Makinen, was published in 1988 and nominated for an Eisner Award the following year. It has been out of print recently, but last month Powell announced that Pulp 2.0 will publish four of his graphic novels. In addition to Scarlet in Gaslight, they include A Case of Blind Fear, which pits Sherlock Holmes against the Invisible Man; Ghosts of Dracula, in which Dr. Van Helsing and Harry Houdini battle the Lord of the Undead; and a straight-up adaptation of Frankenstein. All the books are written by Powell and illustrated by Makinen, except for Frankenstein, which was illustrated by Patrick Olliffe.

Pulp 2.0 initiated a graphic novel line late last year, launching it with the 1980s series The Miracle Squad and The Twilight Avenger, both by writer John Wooley and artist Terry Tidwell. It looks like they will be released as graphic novels, both digital and in print, with cleaned-up graphics and bonus features.

Powell talks a bit about his comics work at Jazma Online, focusing on more recent works like his resurrection of The Spider for Moonstone.

(Via Comics 411)

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