Pullbox.com Offers Fast, Easy Downloadable Comics for 99¢

Official Press Release

Chicago, IL – Are you tired of collecting a new comic series only to find some issues are sold out and unavailable? Ever wished that you could track down hard to find back issues with ease and comfort? Ever wanted to get your favorite comics immediately on your computer? Wish no longer; PULLBOX ONLINE is the answer you've been searching for! PULLBOXONLINE.COM offers you a large selection of your favorite titles for pennies on the dollar, enabling you to order and download the hottest comics at the click of a mouse!

PULLBOX ONLINE features exciting titles such as Zombie: Feaste and CVO from IDW Publishing, Hack/Slash, Voltron, and Family Guy from Devil's Due Publishing, Jim Mahfood's GRRL Scouts and Stupid Comics, and coming soon, Nexus by Steve Rudeand, plus much, much more! New publishers and creators are popping up weekly!

Separating itself from the competition, PULLBOX ONLINE is all about simplicity. There are no goofy page turning, half-animated features, no voice-overs, just easy to access, affordable, downloadable comics. When you register, you can immediately download comics from your account or receive a link via email to download at a later date. Comics maybe downloaded in both PDF and CBR formats, your choice at time of purchase.

PULLBOXONLINE.COM and its publisher suppliers have agreed that no comics shall be released earlier than their print counterparts at comic shops and bookstores. In the tradition of print comic books, you can expect new releases to appear on Wednesdays weekly.

Surf PULLBOX ONLINE today and see just how easy it is!

"We're happy to be part of Pullbox Online's launch. We're always looking for ways to increase the size of our audience and digital downloads are a great way to reach new readers," said Ted Adams, IDW Publishing's President.

For more information, please visit http://www.pullboxonline.com/

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