Publisher Atomeka makes a big return

Official Press Release

[Atomeka]Dave Elliott, publisher for Atomeka, announced that the company he started in

1985 with Garry Leach (co-creator of Miracleman) would return to active


"Over the years, I have worked for a number of companies, but on recent

reflection, I have never been able to get the sense of satisfaction and

achievement that I felt producing 'A1' with Garry."

Elliott continued by talking about his plans for the future. "Atomeka was

always about putting fun and experimenting first, which we will continue to

do. Current plans include everything from comics based on true stories to

parodies, from science fiction to westerns."

He went on to say that there are plans to release a trade paper back or two

of the material from the first series of 'A1' with the possibility of a new

series of specials later next year. "It all depends on everyone's schedules

and willingness to participate. It's not something I want to do just for the

sake of it."

What will be coming is a trade collection of monster and horror stories under

the collected title of 'Monster Massacre.' Monster Massacre will also be a

mini-series premiering sometime next year. The first series will focus on the

title "Alien Arena," which is also the subject of a color 2 issue series in

August. "Alien Arena is the WWF meets Star Trek. A mixture of whop'em, smash

'em fights with a look at the political mechanization's of the galaxy at

large. Imagine our first contact with the rest of the universe and it turns

out they are all wrestling freaks."

Alien Arena also brings back Elliott's Sharky character published under Image

a few years ago. "Sharky was about the kid in all of us who wants to be more

than he is sooner than nature will allow. I always loved the idea of being

able to hide in another body and do things that would never come back to you."

Atomeka's first title will be a special called 'Maximum Force.' It ships in

July and is a no ads collection of two stories illustrated by Simon Bisley

featuring the oddest group of characters ever seen in a superhero group. This

too will serve as a precursor to a new 'Maximum Force' series next year. "

Maximum Force has always been about how a lonely eclectic group of super

powered beings manage to survive as a family unit without killing each other.

They are fully prepared to save the world, but are more likely to get

involved with drunks, misfits and sorting out each others personal problems."

Like Maximum Force, Atomeka makes no promises to save the world as we know

it, but we are going to try and have some fun trying.

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