Public Enemy Performs At Atomic Comics In Arizona

Earlier this year we told you about ground breaking hip hop group Public Enemy publishing their own comic. Released in July, "Public Enemy" #1 has been well received by fans of the group.

With the second issue of the book set to debut shortly, it's time for the group to promote the release of the series.   Public Enemy recently made a stop at the Phoenix, Arizona's Atomic Comics and surprised fans by putting on a rare parking lot concert last Thursday, December 7th.   Atomic's Jake Bell shared all the details.

"When Chuck D was forced to cancel a July signing and promised to make it up to us, we had no idea it would be like this," Bell told CBR News. "Public Enemy was set to play a concert in Phoenix Thursday night and agreed to do a signing at Atomic Comics in the afternoon.  When the show was rerouted, however, questions were raised whether the band would even come to Phoenix or just push through to their next tour stop in New Mexico.

"The Public Enemy frontman made good on his offer to visit Atomic Comics, bringing Flavor Flav, Professor Griff and the rest of the crew with him.   Not only did they make their way up to sign copies of their comic book, their albums and more than a few large clocks for more than 300 fans who waited hours to meet them, but Public Enemy set up in the parking lot for a free concert performance, belting out all of their biggest hits, including 'Fight the Power,' 'Bring tha Noise and 'Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos,' while fans crowded around for nearly an hour.

"In short, what was originally planned to be a rapid fire signing session became a once in a lifetime event that few Public Enemy fans will ever have and those who attended will never forget."

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