Public-domain heroes aim to get their own action figures

Some comic book heroes enjoyed their heydays well before toymakers began churning out action figures, and therefore never found a place on shelves beside the likes of Superman, Batman and Captain  America. However, Bill Murphy hopes to change that with his Amazing Heroes Kickstarter campaign.

With a goal of $30,000, Murphy plans to produce a line of action figures based on the Black Terror, the original Daredevil, Stardust and other Golden Age heroes that have lapsed into the public domain. He says he even has the permission of the rights holders of Captain Action, a toy introduced in the mid-'60s, to produce a figure based on that character.

These 4.5-inch "retro" action figures aren't simply repaints of existing figures; they're being custom-made, and Murphy already has the prototypes and the packaging. He's even lined up an established toy factory to begin manufacturing once the Kickstarter funds are received. You can donate any dollar value amount, but $18 or more gets you one of the action figures.

With so many public-domain superheroes being revived by current creators and publishers, now seems like a great time to get these action figures as a companion piece to the new -- or even the old -- comic books.

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