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Did Psylocke Once Have a Magical Costume?

by  in CBR Exclusives, Comic News Comment
Did Psylocke Once Have a Magical Costume?

In Left Unresolved, I spotlight storylines that have been, well, left unresolved.

Our story today begins in Wolverine #5 (by Chris Claremont and John Buscema), where Jessica Drew and Lindsay McCabe are trying to protect Tyger Tyger from the assassins Bloodscream and Roughhouse, who were sent after the burgeoning Madripoor crime kingpin to kill her.

They find temporary safety at the offices of a tailor named Chang who is friends with Wolverine (and might have been friends for him for many years, as shown by a mysterious photo at his office). While there, Chang gives them a costume that he created at the behest of Wolverine…

Things are interrupted by Bloodscream and Roughhouse, who have tracked them down!

The following issue, we see that Jessica and Lindsay have been taking captive by the bad guys. They were left alive, though, because Lindsay smartly put Tyger into the impenetrable costume, so Bloodscream can’t get at her! And they need to know how Lindsay did it.

Luckily, Tyger eventually comes to and comes to Jessica and Lindsay’s aid!

Bloodscream’s all, “Nothing created by man can hurt me!” But then is stunned when Tyger (in her costume) DOES hurt him!!

So, yeah, this is some magical costume, right? That’s it for its appearance in Wolverine, though, so next we see it, it is being worn for the person Wolverine had the costume made for, his X-Men teammate, Psylocke, who debuts it in Uncanny X-Men #232 (by Chris Claremont, Marc Silvestri and Dan Green), although she doesn’t even thank Wolverine, which is weird. The armor holds up very well…

Similarly, it protects Psylocke extremely well in a sparring session with Rogue and Colossus in Uncanny X-Men #239 (by Claremont, Silvestri and Green)…

But then, in Uncanny X-Men #251, she (and the rest of the remaining X-Men) go through the Siege Perilous and basically start new lives. Here new life included being an Asian ninja now, so her costume got less magical and more…well, I guess to legions of adolescent boys in the early 1990s, the costume was STILL pretty magical…

When Kwannon/Revanche showed up (the lady whose body Psylocke sort of kind of switched with when Psylocke became Asian), she was wearing the armor…

But quickly dropped it for another costume inspired by the armor’s design the next issue (we know it’s not just weirdly drawn armor, since Kwannon tears it ten issues later to show that she has contracted the Legacy Virus)…

And nothing was ever explained about the costume (it’s probably popped up again here and then, but never with an explanation about the nature of the costume). Hell, since it is indestructible, it’s presumably still out there for anyone who wants to give wearing a magic costume a shot!

That’s it for this installment of Left Unresolved! If anyone else has a suggestion for a future installment, drop me a line at!

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