The PS4 Spider-Man Game: 7 Confirmed Rumors (And 8 We Hope Are True)

Superhero video games are hit or miss, with many falling into the “miss” category. The fact is that trying to replicate the comic books is just very difficult in a game. However, one of the superheroes that has translated the best to the video game world is none other than Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. Outside of Batman, you can argue that Spider-Man has had more quality video games than any other comic book franchise. It looks like that trend will continue in 2018 when the new Spider-Man game comes out on the PS4. From the footage and gameplay shown, Spider-Man looks to give fans exactly what they want from a Spidey game.

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However, while fans have seen a fair amount of footage, we still don’t know much about the plot of the game. As a matter of fact, the footage that we have seen has led to just as many rumors as there are facts about the plot. From surprising guest stars, massive changes to existing characters and a villain never-before-seen in a Spider-Man game, fans are in for a lot of surprises when the game is finally released. Now, CBR is here to help you figure out what to expect with this highly anticipated game by going over seven facts and eight rumors we’ve heard about the new Spider-Man video game.


We’ve been expecting the new Spider-Man PS4 game for well over a year now. In that time, fans have been clamoring for any tidbits of info that come out about what to expect. One of the earliest bits of info that “leaked” out was in an IMDB plot summary of the game. While the summary did include the false info that Green Goblin would factor in heavily, it also mentioned something that we haven’t seen in a Spider-Man video game yet – Peter Parker, the spectacular Spider-Dad.

Recently, Marvel has been publishing a popular comic series called Renew Your Vows. The series takes place in an alternate future where Peter and MJ married and had a young girl, named Annie Parker. This was a completely new situation for Peter, and fans really enjoyed it. Could there be a Renew Your Vows influence on the new game? We don’t know. We do know that MJ and Peter are both older, so it’s a definite possibility.


Since his debut in 2011, Miles Morales has become one of the most popular superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Fans have been waiting for more mainstream adaptations of the character, including in films, TV and video games; anything that includes this amazing new character. So far, we’ve seen his inclusion in the animated realm (as well as his own upcoming animated feature) and, recently, he was mentioned in Spider-Man: Homecoming. That is proof enough that the mainstream is about to be introduced to Miles Morales in a big way.

One of those ways is now in the new PS4 game. In the most recent trailer for the game, we see Peter introduce a young Miles to Aunt May. It’s hinted from the trailer that Miles will actually work with Aunt May at her charity and that he is a contemporary of Pete's. Outside of this, not much else is known.


Now, we know that Miles Morales will appear in the game. We have actually heard from developers that he might actually have a bigger part to play than what fans are probably expecting. That definitely means Miles’ role is going to be much more important than a simple cameo. In fact, the way the developers are talking, they’re hinting that Miles might actually show up as one of the playable characters.

We know that Peter Parker won’t be the only playable character in the game. Mary Jane is also going to have moments that will put her in the protagonist seat. So, it’s not much of a leap to assume that developers are keeping mum about Miles’ appearance because he might show up as more than a simple NPC.


Spider-Man has one of the most beloved rogues gallery in all of comics. He has a deep history of amazing villains that have battled the wallcrawler for decades. So, it’s a bit of a shock to learn that the main antagonist of the new PS4 game is none other than... Mister Negative?

Martin Li, aka Mister Negative, has only been in the Marvel Universe for around a decade, but in that time, he has been featured a few times in some great stories. Visually, he’s interesting, and his power set and backstory is even more intriguing. The developers have talked about how his powers (shooting black negative energy and controlling others through his corrupting touch) provides a new challenge for Spider-Man. Plus, his ability to turn people into their “negatives” can provide some interesting plot twists.


Now, it wouldn’t be a superhero video game unless there were appearances by other villains, as well. From the trailer, we know that Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, is going to be featured in the early part of the plot, but outside of him and Mister Negative, fans don’t know really what else to expect.

Rumor has it that there’s a reason developers are being coy about which villains will show up. Rumors have it that Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Rhino and a variety of other Spider-Villains will be menacing the wall-crawler in the upcoming PS4 game. From the trailer, we definitely know that Norman Osborn is featured in the plot, so it’s not much of a leap to expect that there will be other villains following suit.


When art and footage first appeared for the new PS4 Spider-Man game, the most obvious thing that everyone noticed was the change in attire for Spidey. Gone is the classic red and blue suit that has been featured in decades of comics. In its place, we are getting a suit that has the red and blue fans expect, with a major difference – a huge white spider.

At first, fans were taken aback by the inclusion of the white trim and spider on the new suit. It’s unlike anything seen in the comics. However, over time, as we’ve seen it in more and more footage, the look is growing on fans. It’s really different, of course, but not completely out of character. It helps differentiate this game from the regular Marvel Universe.


Yes, Spider-Man has a brand-new suit in the footage we’ve seen, but we haven’t seen very much of the game yet. Considering this is a video game, and costume changes are commonplace, there are a bunch of rumors that the new suit we’ve seen in the footage isn’t the only suit that Peter will don in the game. In fact, there might be a plot reason that Spidey wears this new white-trimmed suit.

Mister Negative is a character that has the ability to turn characters into their negatives with just a touch. And yes, he’s done that with Spidey. It’s not that far of a stretch to assume that maybe this suit is created as a way to avoid the powers of Mister Negative. Maybe there is a reason for the white trim after all, and not just as a marketing ploy for the PS4 game. Honestly, with modern video games, there’s always the DLC that’s bound to come, which means suit changes.


Aunt May has always had a place in Spider-Man video games. However, in the new PS4 game, it looks like developers are putting her dangerously close to the action. As seen in the most recent trailer for the game, Aunt May works for a charity called F.E.A.S.T. This charity is a shelter that helps the impoverished citizens of New York City. Oh yeah, and it’s also run by Martin Li, aka Mister Negative.

That’s right, Aunt May works for the bad guy. Of course, she’s no henchwoman or anything, but instead an innocent bystander that just finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Clearly, this raises the stakes for Peter and will no doubt include some playable missions to help rescue May.


Those Marvel Universe fans that are so good at picking out Easter Eggs will no doubt notice some of the hidden things in the most recent trailer and other footage shown. Recently, it was brought to fans’ attention that there’s a very special and unique place that was spotted in the background. A place located at 177A Bleecker Street, where the always unique and ever-powerful Doctor Strange resides.

Yes, the Sanctum Sanctorum was spotted in some recent footage. Does this mean that the Sorcerer Supreme is close behind? Clearly, this game takes place in an alternate universe, so the developers are not beholden to any continuity, which is refreshing. Rumor has it that Strange will definitely appear, as well as some of the other heroes of the Marvel Universe.


It wouldn’t be a Spider-Man video game without an appearance by his biggest foe, Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin. Normally, a Spider-Man game would include some boss battle with Green Goblin and call it a day. However, in the PS4 game that’s soon to be released, it looks like Norman is going to have a pretty unique situation that we haven’t really seen him have in the comics.

As seen in the game footage, Norman is running for re-election as Mayor of New York City. In the comics, we’ve seen Norman rise in the ranks of government, with pretty disastrous results. Fans can assume that Norman’s Mayoral race will factor in pretty heavily in the plot of the game, and won’t be left to just be some little Easter Egg.


One of the biggest mysteries in the plot of the new PS4 game is the job title of Mr. Peter Parker. What we do know is that he won’t be working for the Daily Bugle. There is a supporting character that works for the Daily Bugle, but it’s definitely not Peter, it’s Mary Jane. Our only hint at his job is where we see Peter in the trailers.

The biggest hint comes from a scene where Peter talks to Martin Li in the trailer. They talk and Martin Li tells him to “take care of this place, it represents the best part of me.” The place he’s referring to is F.E.A.S.T. Another hint we have is when Miles is introduced, Peter tells Aunt May that Miles will be helping out around the shelter. It looks like Peter is now the boss at the shelter, which makes the battle between himself and Li that much more interesting.


When the new PS4 Spider-Man game was announced, many people wanted to know what type of Peter Parker we’d see in the game. Would this be late-20s Peter, like in the comics? Or would it be the high-school Peter that is seen in the newest film? The answer is actually neither. However, he is probably older than fans might have been expecting.

The developers have stated that this Peter is actually 23 or 24, and he has been doing the Spider-Man thing for around 8 years. They say that he’s in the prime of his superhero-ing. So, there won’t be any high-school (or college) hijinks in this game, just in case that's what you're into in a Spidey yarn. We’re dealing with a Peter that has to worry about rent!


One thing the developers have made abundantly clear about the plot of the game is that Peter Parker is just as important as Spider-Man to the plot. They don’t want the game to just be flips and webbing. They want to include a fair bit about Peter Parker and his troubles, as well. This has sparked tons of rumors about what that means for the gameplay, and more importantly, who might show up.

There have been rumors about Gwen Stacy being included in the game, perhaps as Peter’s love interest. Reports of Eddie Brock, minus the Venom symbiote, are rumored to be included as well. And since we know that Norman Osborn shows up, there is tons of chatter about his son Harry being a part of Peter’s life. Long story short, Peter’s social circle will be pretty large in the PS4 game.


Ask any hardcore or casual fan of Spidey to list some facts about the character and they’ll name some of the easy ones. First, he was bitten by a radioactive spider. Second, his uncle was killed by gunshot. And third, he works at the Daily Bugle under its tyrannical Editor In Chief, J. Jonah Jameson. Well, in the new PS4 game, you can scratch that third one completely. Peter doesn’t work at the Bugle. Mary Jane does.

That’s right, Mary Jane will factor into the plot of the game as an investigative journalist for the Bugle. In fact, players will get the chance to use Mary Jane as a playable character at certain points of the story. No longer is she relegated to “love interest.” In this game, MJ is a crucial part of the story, and one of the protagonists.


Wraith is a character that showed up in the Amazing Spider-Man comics during the initial appearances of Mister Negative. The character has had numerous appearances before then, but this new Wraith that appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #600 has a special connection to this game. You see, the Wraith that was introduced in that issue, and ended up trying to target Mister Negative, is none other than Yuri Watanabe.

Ms. Watanabe is already seen in the footage for the PS4 game as a supporting character. It would be common sense to assume that if Watanabe is included in the game as a character, and since Mister Negative is the main villain, that Wraith won’t be far behind. So, players can expect to see everyone’s favorite fear gas-armed, tentacle-having side character as an adversary/partner.

What else are you looking forward to seeing in the new Spider-Man game? Let us know in the comments!

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