Proyas, Summit Team For Cyborg Drama <i>AMPS</i>

With I, Robot and The Crow director Alex Proyas rumored to be attached, Twilight studio Summit Entertainment has bought the rights to AMPS, an unfinished novel about cyborg supermen from the writer behind upcoming Steven Spielberg action movie Robopocalypse.

Daniel Wilson is clearly a novelist with a great agent; not only were the movie rights for the still-unpublished Robopocalypse sold before he'd finished that book - Spielberg plans to direct the movie from a Drew Goddard script at the start of 2012 - but the rights to AMPS, his new book, have similarly caused a bidding war without there being a finished product, as well. AMPS is set in a world where disabled people have the option to receive robotic implants that will take them past able-bodied abilities to superhuman ones. Summit won the rights, according to Deadline, because of the involvement of Proyas, who is said to be preparing to shoot the movie in Australia for a "modest budget."

No publication date for AMPS has been announced.

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