EXCLUSIVE: Protestors at SDCC Share Some Lewd Words With Passersby

comic-con international

Religious protestors at Comic-Con International in San Diego levied some lewd comments at passersby on their way to the annual convention.

The video, which was shared by CBR's Stephen Gerding on Twitter, shows protestors shouting at passersby at the convention. The person on the microphone says, "Something tells me, many of you perverts masturbate on your computer." This causes the crowd to cheer loudly, laugh and clap. "This is not Comic-Con," the speaker continues, "this is a masturbation convention."

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The name of the group is not readily visible in the video, though they're holding up signs making reference to various pieces of scripture and imploring people to repent of their sins. Protestors at Comic-Con and different conventions are not a particularly uncommon sight.

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Comic-Con is a yearly event that showcases different aspects of pop culture, including comic books, movies, television, video games and other media. This year's event is being held from July 18 to July 21, with a preview night on July 17, and features guest appearances from some of the biggest names in pop culture.

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