Prophet's Brandon Graham & Simon Roy Kickstart New Sci-Fi Comic Series

Since Brandon Graham and Simon Roy's "Prophet" series ended last year, fans may be looking for a new sci-fi epic to fill the void -- and, if so, Graham and Roy's new Kickstarter project may just be the answer. "Cayrels Ring" is a crowdfunded independent comic series that features Graham and Roy's work as well as the work of other artists who previously contributed to "Prophet."

Helmed by "Horror of the Khor" creator Shannon Lentz, "Cayrels Ring" is described as a "40 page, full color comic book that builds a new galaxy, featuring many worlds and many people." He adds the story will be told in an anthology style that "takes multiple short stories, illustrated by different artists, stacking them up to make a single cohesive story." From the preview art posted on the project's Kickstarter page, it's apparent that Lentz and his collaborators took some of influence from the works of Moebius.

Titled "Rend It," the 40-page first issue tells the story of Jamitch, "a scientist trapped on a planet sized supercomputer gone suicidal. Jamitch manages to escape and goes searching for his unknown grandchild. The fallout of his actions and the fate of the suicidal supercomputer is far reaching." The issue is comprised of eight chapters, each one a five-page story by a different artist.

In addition to Graham and Roy, the series also includes Prophet artists Farel Dalrymple and Grim Wilkins, both of whom have contributed to Image Comics' anthology series "Island," which Graham edits. "Cayrels Ring" also includes the work of Alchemichael, who did the cover art for the latest issue of "Island"; Aaron Conley, the co-creator of Dark Horse Comics' "Sabertooth Swordsman" series; relative newcomer Filay Bratukin; and Aaron Petovello, the creator of "Pro Patria Mori," a webcomic about the first World War. The series will be colored by Cassie Kelly, who has worked on Oni Press' "Invader Zim" series.

According to the Kickstarter page, the first chapter has already been completed and Lentz anticipates a release date of October 2017. For more information about the rewards and the project itself, you can check out "Cayrels Ring's" official Kickstarter page.

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