Proof: Endangered #2

Story by
Art by
Riley Rossmo
Colors by
Frank Zigarelli
Cover by
Image Comics

Image is a publisher with many critical darlings. Recently, shelves have barely been able to contain hits like "Chew" and "Orc Stain" and "Skullkickers." "Proof" is a title that earns its place right up next to these stalwarts of quality and more people need to acknowledge it. This book plays toward the cryptid of the month crowd while also weaving a very long form story with character nuance and well-played action scenes that actually mean something. This book is rock solid in each issue and also, as a title, it has a journey that is a delight to follow.

I think this issue contains one of the easiest and most enjoyable recap pages I've seen in a long time. Five images, five sentences, done. I usually skip the recap page but this one was just too organized, pretty, and helpful to ignore. It allows us to get the right headspace to step back into the action prepared, and there's plenty of action to be re-immersed into.

There's trouble out on the mission as well as on the home front. Mi-Chen-Po is setting up a layered set of threats to slowly dismantle Proof's world. It's an interesting look at not just a physical and strange threat but a calculated and formidable force trying to cause harm and chaos. Proof might be fighting his evil opposite and it's going to be a hell of a collision when they finally meet. If Proof is the first cryptozoological hero then it's about time he fought the first cryptozoological supervillain.

It should be said, Mongolian Death Worms make completely awesome level boss bad guys. So does the Oni demon with a blade for a hand and the ethereal Cenobite-cross-Del Toro mindbend that graces the final splash. That these arcane and scary forces can also be matched by the menace of a man shows the credibility with which this title renders its villains.

Rossmo continues to make this one of the most visually exciting books you can pick up each month. He's not your average superhero artists, and this isn't your average spandex book. Rossmo makes his evil beings feel dirty and maniacal. His action is painted in rough scratches and clattering tones.

The entire team is doing everything they can to make this comic a great format to get each month. There are two more profiles in the back - Ginger and Elvis - as well as a very considered and informative letter column. But mostly you should come for the kick-ass action and the stylistic and insane fun found on every page. "Proof" is a title that takes advantage of being a comic and offers you experiences you will not get anywhere else.

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