Proof Endangered #1

Story by
Art by
Riley Rossmo
Colors by
Frank Zigarelli
Cover by
Image Comics

"Proof" was a series about a bigfoot working as a government agent that lasted for 28 issues. It was the sort of series that you couldn't believe hadn't been done before, and you also couldn't believe more people weren't reading. The first season is over, nowthis miniseries sees a new chapter in the tale open up. Proof is on the run to find some truth and his previous home, The Lodge, is facing a precarious future.

This issue works like the best season debut episodes in that it gives us plenty of threads to tie together and think about. The series is already about a suited up bigfoot who hunts other cryptids, but somehow this issue manages to still offer up new angles and ideas we had not previously considered. There is no limit to how creative this comic can be, or how beautiful in both words and art.

Grecian and Rossmo work tirelessly to insert new threats into this series. It's a book where anything should be able to happen, so they want that anything to constantly jump out at you and make you question what boundaries you may have thought existed. Every scene revolves around something new and so you are hooked at all times. Even when the comic seems to be borrowing 'Graboids,' you don't mind because it pushes everything forward.

It's a credit to the world building on display because everything new and exciting is also generally added to the already addled landscape of strange creatures and back story being built up like a puzzle made of ancient blocks. There is history on these pages and you have to keep everything clear in your mind to know why it is so important. It helps greatly that the back of this issue includes a "OHOTMU" style profile on the eponymous Proof and neatly gives the new reader everything they need to catch up to this jumping on point.

Rossmo is one very talented artist -- that has never been in doubt -- but his work seems even more polished here than before. It certainly isn't as loose and diverse as his work on "Cowboy Ninja Viking," and the colors from Zigarelli go a long way to clearing up lines and making this look a little friendlier for the more mainstream reader. Yet it doesn't lose any of Rossmo's personal delivery at all. He is clearly the only artist for this world and Grecian plays straight into his hands. The opening scene is even a very "Kill Bill" type of scene, and Rossmo nails it.

Any casual reader should be able to enjoy this issue alone. It includes all you really need and the relationships between characters are well written so you understand how everyone fits together. Character build-up in each scene quickly makes way for bloodshed and phantasmagorical delights that will leave you needing to know what happens next. The main flaw is that this issue is all tense set up and then pause at the climactic moment, but that only means the next issue should be a hell of a ride. "Proof" is a smartly written and well drawn comic, it's absolutely everything you want from a spandex comic but won't ever truly get. And now it comes with 100% more 'Graboids,' naked ninja chupacabras, and political intrigue.

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