Proof #25

This series has been thick since the start, and with a mysterious one year leap through time, there is no thinning out. While John Prufrock doesn't have much to do with the lead story, the story is compelling in its chaos. The charm of "Proof" has been the deceptive calmness the title uses to introduce us to characters and creatures that are only whispered about and nervously giggled out of existence. The whole time, however, our guide through that world is a Sasquatch.

One year from now, without our standard guide to help us navigate the cryptid realms, Grecian and Rossmo use a pair of curious, but seemingly unlucky, boys to introduce us to the future of the Lodge and its inhabitants. Wayne Russet and Colonel Dachshund are present and at odds with one another. Their disagreement over the fate of the boys sparks a battle that leads to quite a bit of damage.

Rossmo's art is sketchy and tenuous, with outlines and gestures showing through Casey's bold colors. This has become the "house style" for "Proof," and it provides just as much definition to these characters and this world as the story itself. Grecian and Rossmo are truly partners in this endeavor. Many other comics professionals should follow the example these two provide.

This issue may not offer the greatest jumping on point for new readers, especially given the hefty $4.99 price tag, but it does still deliver a very solid story filled with wonder, action, and amazing characters. Balancing out the lack of Proof in this issue's lead story is a reprinting -- refreshed with new coloring and lettering -- of Proof's first appearance. It's only eight pages, but it packs a great deal of information into those eight pages. Additionally, Grecian himself delivers a text page explanation of what is to come of this title and characters, at least in vague uncertainties common among comic creators speaking of the future of their creations. This issue also includes a gallery of Proof illustrations.

If you've needed more proof on why you should take a look at this book, CBR has an interview with the "Proof" creators about the plans for the series past issue #25. "Proof" is one of those titles that people love to talk about, but always seems to need some help in the sales department. Take a peek at this book if you happen to see it on the stands. If you don't see it on the stands, just consider it another urban legend like the characters in between the covers of this alleged book reviewed by yours truly. Then feel free to let out a nervous little giggle as you wonder whether or not this title even exists. Maybe someday you'll catch it.

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