Promo Art Surfaces For Batman: Hush Animated Movie & More

Batman: Hush

Promo art has surfaced for the upcoming slate of animated DC Universe Movies, including the previously announced Batman: Hush and Wonder Woman: Bloodlines.

The DC animated universe has expanded in recent years, with three original releases a year. But that number is set to keep growing, with more movies planned for 2019.

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They include Batman: Hush, based on the DC comics storyline by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, in which the Dark Knight goes head to head with most of his rogues gallery. It also introduced Tommy Elliot, aka Hush. Wonder Woman: Bloodline was announced last month at Comic-Con International.

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The other two promos are for Reign of the Superman and Justice League vs. The Fatal Five. Reign of the Superman is the previously announced sequel to Death of Superman. It’s also been confirmed that Cameron Monaghan (Gotham) will play Superboy, joining the already pretty stacked cast. There isn’t much known about Justice League vs. The Fatal Five, other than it will feature the team of 31st-century supervillains that has long plagued the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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It’s currently unknown if these will serve as stand-alone films, or whether they’ll be part of the new animated DC canon many of the more recent films have been inhabiting. There are also no details on the cast or crew for either Batman: Hush or Wonder Woman: Bloodline. All four films are scheduled to be released in 2019.

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