Hook Up, Up And Away: The 15 Most Amorous Movie Superheroes

For years, comic book characters have often been less than wholesome when it comes to their extracurricular escapades in their personal lives. In a medium created mostly by young males, characters like Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne often wore their Playboy personas with pride. While Batman was dark and brooding, Bruce Wayne always had a woman on his arm. Tony Stark was a lady’s man, in and out of the armor, and often had more than one woman following him around. It was painfully obvious that these two superheroes, among many others in comics, really got around when they weren’t saving the world from supervillains.

The movies have played the same game. While Marvel remains owned by Disney and tries to keep things more family-friendly, that doesn’t mean that the heroes are any less outgoing when it comes to personal relationships. As for DC Comics, there are many instances where the heroes get around a little more than need be for wholesome family entertainment. Whether it is finding new women all the time or just bouncing around between relationships, here is a look at the 15 most promiscuous movie superheroes in the world of both live-action and animated comic book adaptations.

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In a funny moment in the recent Justice League movie, Alfred quips that Bruce Wayne could use some visitors, hinting that he has been alone for a long time. However, the fact that the new Batman isn’t the same lady’s man that he used to be does not excuse Bruce Wayne from his past. Throughout the Batman movies, Bruce has dated Vicki Vale, Chase Meridian, and Talia al Ghul.

Add to that the fact that he has messed around on more than one occasion with Catwoman, had a complicated relationship with Rachel Dawes, and the controversial moments with Barbara Gordon in The Killing Joke. That doesn’t include all the relationships that Bruce had with women in the animated television efforts over the years and his infatuation with Wonder Woman. Bruce Wayne gets around a lot, or at least he did until Zack Snyder got his hands on him.


Originally, Harley Quinn was a one-man woman and that man was her beloved Mr. J – The Joker. However, things changed over the years, which people should expect when someone is used and abused as much as The Joker abused his former Arkham Asylum psychiatrist. Since that time, Harley Quinn has become quite a loving girl – both with the men and the ladies. This was shown clearly in the comic series Harley’s Little Black Book.

In the movies, Harley’s party girl vibe was shown in Suicide Squad, although she was more a tease than anything else. However, take a look at Batman and Harley Quinn and the scene with her and Nightwing to see exactly why Harley deserves a spot on this list. She also has an interesting relationship with Poison Ivy that runs through the animated efforts as well.



While the first two movies in the Thor franchise showcased the God of Thunder attempting a serious relationship with Jane Foster, that never seemed to work out. Thor spent more time away from Earth and the one time he brought her to see the parents, his mom died protecting her. Despite that, Thor and Jane broke up offscreen and there was little in the way of explanation.

Maybe part of it has to do with the fact that Thor has never been a one-woman man. Back on Asgard, pre-Jane Foster, Thor was a reckless and adventurous warrior who loved to party as much as he loved to fight. There was also that sexual tension stirring under the surface between Sif and Thor as well. Add in his relationships with Enchantress and Valkyrie in the comics and it is clear that Thor’s love life was always about more than just Jane Foster.


The 15 Most Promiscuous Movie Superheroes

If there is one character that always uses her sexuality to get her way, it is Catwoman. On the ‘60s television show that resulted in the 1966 movie, Catwoman was a highly sexualized character who always had a strong attraction to Batman. By the time she arrived in Batman Returns, Catwoman was someone who used her feminine wiles to win over Penguin, Batman, and even teased Max Shreck before killing him.

When Catwoman returned in Dark Knight Rises, she once again used her sexuality to sucker Bruce Wayne as a criminal before finally settling down with him in the end. However, take a look at the animated movies and her own solo movie and realize that it is clear Catwoman has no problem using her sexuality on anyone to get anything she wants in life.


When Wolverine first appeared in the X-Men movie franchise, he started as a big brother-style figure for Rogue, but then immediately developed an infatuation with Jean Grey despite the fact she was in a relationship with Cyclops. X-Men Origins: Wolverine showed that Logan has been alive for a long time and has been in serious relationships while X-Men: Days of Future Past shows there were flings along the way as well.

It is even worse in the comics, where Wolverine has gotten around more than almost any other superhero in the Marvel universe. Even though Logan showed that he never really got over Jean Grey, Wolverine hasn’t slowed down much when it comes to his numerous sexual relationships and one-night stands. It is ironic for someone who is so gruff and stand-offish that he wants (let alone gets) that much play.


Toxic Avenger

When looking at the Toxic Avenger, considering him a lady’s man seems very strange. Of course, he at least is a large muscular mutant now. When Melvin Ferd started out, he was a small, weak nerd who worked as a janitor in a health club. When a beautiful woman asked him to make out in the closet, it was just to sucker him into kissing a pig in the dark. Humiliated, Melvin jumped out of a window, fell in a batch of toxic waste and became a superhero.

This being Troma, on top of the gore and splatter effects, there was also a large number of scantily-clad women. Luckily, in the first movie, Toxie meets a blind woman named Claire who falls in love with him since she can’t see what he really looks like. Throughout the series, Toxie ends up with groupies who seem to not mind his appearance but he always ends up back with Claire.


The 15 Most Promiscuous Movie Superheroes

One of the biggest problems with Green Hornet is that he seems like a carbon copy of Batman. Of course, the kicker is that he was created three years before the Caped Crusader. The two even had a meeting back on the ‘60s television series when the rich Britt Reid and his assistant Kato meet up with the rich Bruce Wayne and his sidekick Robin. The main difference is that Green Hornet takes on the appearance of a criminal, so it is easier to stop criminals from inside their ranks. Things ended up muddled in the movie version.

Seth Rogen starred as Britt Reid and used his wealth and celebrity to bed as many women as possible. Things started to change when he fell in love with his assistant Lenore Case, but that was originally just another sexual infatuation for the womanizer. Rogen’s Green Hornet made Bruce Wayne look like a choir boy.


Poison Ivy is an interesting character, a supervillain because she commits crimes in an effort to fight to protect nature from the destruction of human behavior. However, over the years, her antisocial behavior has become a more sexualized attitude, and this is what the movies and animated DC Comics efforts have focused on.

Poison Ivy was one of the main villains in Batman & Robin, where she started as a meek botanist who became the sexualized supervillain after Jason Woodrue betrayed her. In that movie alone, she used her sexual prowess on everyone from Batman and Robin to Jim Gordon. Of course, her motives were to kill them but Poison Ivy has often used her sexuality to seduce men as a matter of revenge for the pain they inflicted on both her and nature in the past.


The 15 Most Promiscuous Movie Superheroes

Johnny Storm is a good-looking guy, and one of the things that the three Fantastic Four movies showed was that he loves to party. This was especially true when Chris Evans played Storm, as he used his fame and celebrity to ensure that he had women on his arms at all times. Even Michael B. Jordan’s Storm was a party boy who cared more about having a good time than being a superhero.

When you are as hot as the Human Torch, someone who loves his celebrity, it is easy to find women wanting to latch onto his fame. It is also an interesting dichotomy as well when considering that The Thing is a giant rock monster and the other two members of the Fantastic Four are married, helping Johnny stand out as the most promiscuous member of Marvel’s First Family.


The 15 Most Promiscuous Movie Superheroes

The interesting thing when talking about the promiscuity of the original Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter, is that the Watchmen movie actually discussed the topic. Sally had a tragic backstory, almost assaulted by her own teammate The Comedian at the age of 19. However, when questioned about this by her daughter Laurie, she admitted that she later developed a relationship with Comedian despite their troubled past.

While she married her agent after this, she continued to mess around with Comedian and told her daughter that he was her father instead of her husband. Laurie, who became the new Silk Spectre, expressed her disgust in her mother using her sexuality to increase her popularity and success as a sex symbol and model over that as a superhero.


TT 12 - Starfire and Nightwing - Skype - Final

In DC Comics, there might not be a more promiscuous superhero than Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing. It hasn’t quite looked as bad in the movies but that doesn’t mean that Dick hasn’t gotten around. Before looking at the movies, Nightwing has had many relationships in the comics, including with Barbara Gordon and Starfire, which has caused a lot of controversy between the two women.

However, when it comes to the movies, mostly it has been Dick Grayson and Starfire – as the two locked lips when they first met and then remained very vocal and open about their sexual relationship with the Teen Titans. In the recent Batman and Harley Quinn movie, Nightwing even hooked up with Harley, very eager in his attraction to the reluctant supervillain.


It might not seem like much of a surprise when dealing with a character who can look like anyone or anything she wants and chose to walk around "in the buff" with only random spots covering up her parts. She started out as a villain, part of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and then became a hero in the prequels, starting with X-Men: First Class. However, regardless of the series, Mystique was always a very sexualized character.

In the original trilogy, she actually tried to seduce Wolverine by pretending to be Jean Grey. In X-Men: First Class, she tried to bed Magneto while also entering a relationship with Beast. There was also her awkward relationship with Charles Xavier, a brother-sister deal that was very strange and hinted at more. In the comics, she is not only Nightcrawler’s mother but also had a child with Sabretooth and had a long relationship with Destiny.


Gamora Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy

As he showed clearly in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Peter Quill is the Tony Stark of the cosmic universe. Both men were selfish and disrespectful but ended up becoming honorable superheroes. However, while both men became good guys, in the end, that didn’t make them any more dependable when it comes to relationships. Both men still love women a little too much, which caused their relationships with Pepper Potts and Gamora to stall over time.

When Guardians of the Galaxy first introduces Peter Quill, he not only steals an Infinity Stone, he finds a woman in his spaceship that he forgot about and couldn’t even remember her name. When the Guardians are in prison, Peter talks at length about all the women who hate him due to his promiscuity. Even by the second movie, he couldn’t make a monogamous relationship with Gamora work.


starfire nightwing animated

One of the most controversial characters in the DC Comics New 52 reboot a few years back was Starfire. Instead of being the iconic member of the Teen Titans that fans grew to love, DC Comics chose to only focus on her sexuality and lack of inhibitions. Even when Starfire was introduced after that in the DC Comics animated universe, too much time was taken to show how she loved sex and didn’t care who it was with.

To be honest, Starfire came from a planet where sex was not connected with love as it is on Earth (sometimes). That made her entire attitude a fish-out-of-water situation, but it focused too much on sex, and the comics made sure that they emphasized she didn’t even remember the names of people she slept with. At least in the DC animated world, she seems monogamous to Nightwing now, even if that is against her true nature.


The most promiscuous superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Tony Stark, and it isn’t even close. Sure, he eventually settled down with Pepper Potts but that was a good woman taming a wild beast. This is true, whether it was Tony’s actions when he first became Iron Man or his relationship with women in the past, such as the flashbacks in Iron Man 3 where Tony admitted he didn’t even remember all the women he slept with.

That isn’t even comparable to the comics, where Stark has hooked up with She-Hulk, Black Widow, Gamora, Emma Frost, and even Wasp while she was freshly separated from her husband Hank Pym. Tony Stark is a playboy in real life, compared to Bruce Wayne pretending to be one, and has no problem with throwing himself at anyone when the opportunity arises.

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