Prominent fantasy writer China Miéville jumps into comics

After his prospective Swamp Thing series was canned due to a shake-up at DC, fantasy novelist China Miéville has struck out on his own into the comics world with a webcomic. Over on the author's tumblr blog, six pages have been serialized on almost a daily basis since Jan. 20 -- all tagged "London Intrusion." Miéville is handling both the story and the art, owing to his background drawing for fanzines years ago. The author hasn't spoken publicly about the series and has opted to let it speak for itself.

Although Miéville's spent the majority of his career writing a string of successful prose novels he dubs "wierd fiction," the writer did his first official comics work years ago in Looking for Jake with artist Liam Sharp. Expect to see more on "London Intrusion" and possibly other comics over on China's tumblr.

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