Prometheus, Dark Knight Rises, The Walking Dead: January 18th Comic Reel


Michael Fassbender spoke with InStyle about his upcoming film "Haywire" and briefly touched on his time filming "Prometheus."

"It's the must-see film of 2012! I play the humanoid android," Fassbender told InStyle. "The first thing that struck me was a good script. Really intelligent script. A real thriller. Real anticipation. The first alien had that. The atmosphere was thick. You knew that something was going to happen. Which is very rare that you can read that in a script. And also, Ridley Scott is the master. He's amazing. Really something else to watch him work. His attention to detail. And also his mischievousness, his playfulness. And again, no idea is stupid for him. He'll let you bring it to the floor and have a go at it. I really, really enjoyed working with him. And of course the cast."

Opens June 8


Metro found an auction for "Dark Knight Rises" opening night IMAX tickets on eBay with a starting bid price of $200. There's also a "Buy It Now" option for $250. If you're so inclined and you're near the IMAX Citywalk AMC 19 theater in Studio City, you can put in a bid here.

Opens July 20


Gale Anne Hurd spoke with Water Cooler Journal on the strength of the show's female characters and teased the future appearance of Michonne.

"Andrea is already undergoing a change in her character from a civil rights attorney lacking survival skills already found in some of the men (like the deputies Rick and Shane, or the survivalist Daryl) into someone who can take care of herself," Hurd told Water Cooler Journal. "Maggie Greene is a farmer's daughter who can ride horses better than any of the men, and takes out a walker the first time we see her in the series. And one of the most kick ass characters from the comic book is Michonne, a samurai sword wielding woman, who will be introduced in future seasons."

New episodes premiere February 12 on AMC


According to The Wrap, work has already begun on the sequel to "The Hunger Games," "Catching Fire." "Slumdog Millionaire" screenwriter Simon Beaufoy is attached to pen the sequel while "Hunger Games" director Gary Ross will return to direct and supervise the writing of the script.

Opens November 22, 2013


Spinoff Online has an exclusive clip of this week's episode of "Merlin," "The Wicked Day."

Currently airing on SyFy


HBO's official YouTube channel has released a new behind-the-scenes video of "Game of Thrones" filming in Croatia.

Premieres April 1 on HBO


Andy Serkis spoke to MTV about the design of Smaug the dragon, but couldn't reveal any major details.

"I can't say that," he told MTV. "Because its still under wraps, it's still a secret character that is closely safe-guarded and is still in the design process."

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An enterprising "G.I. Joe"/"My Little Pony" fan put together this fantastic mashup of "My Little Pony" footage set to the sound of the "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" trailer. Watch and be amazed at the internet's potentital.

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