Justice League of America's Promethea May Be a Different Character

Writer Steve Orlando may have introduced Promethea into the DC Universe this week in Justice League of America #23, but it's worth asking whether this is still the character created by Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III.

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Promethea is the embodiment of imagination and magic, and she requires a host to work through; Promethea, the primary protagonist, and host to this demi-goddess, is a college student named Sophie Bangs. However, Orlando hints at the possibility that Sophie is no longer involved.

Asked by The Hollywood Reporter about the status of Promethea within DC's Rebirth continuity, Orlando stated that the previous run did take place, but "There's honestly no guarantee Promethea is still Sophie, or that the person channeling her comes from the America’s Best Comics Universe."


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Although jarring at first, that revelation actually stays true to the Promethea entity, as it was established in the original series that many other people have served as hosts over the years, and have acted as guides to the current incarnation.

"With this work, with all my work, I hope to always build upon, and never break down," Orlando said, expressing a sentiment that seems to affirm the notion that this Promethea is a new version of the character. The writer did something similar in the same series by introducing a new version of Aztek.

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