Project Rooftop Takes on Captain America in New Contest

Official Press Release

Steve Rogers may be a man out of time, but his red, white, and blue BDU is timeless. But that's never stopped Project: Rooftop before. Steady your quivering hands, designers, because Project: Rooftop is putting out the call: Send us your redesigns of the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America!

Artists are encouraged o chose your preferred shield-slinger (Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Isaiah Bradley, etc.), but you must choose someone who has operated under the title in continuity. Regardless of the man in the uniform, Captain America is a symbol as well as a warrior, and should represent America's best ideals, even when others in power fall short of his moral standards.

Be sure to read our guidelines and send your entries as attachments to projectrooftop@gmail.com.

Entries must be received by August 1st, 2010.

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