Professor Teaches Science Classes Dressed As the Spider-Man of Science

Spider-Man of Science

Heroes frequently come from the places you least expect. However, students at a university in Mexico are lucky enough to get their daily dose of hero in a science class taught by none other than Spider-Man. Well, sort of.

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A new video from Great Big Story introduces Moises Vazquez, a 27-year-old science teacher at Mexico City's National Autonomous University. A comic book fan and collector, Vazquez decided to begin teaching his classes dressed as the web-slinger after reading an issue of "The Amazing Spider-Man" in which the hero is seen standing at a chalkboard, in full costume, teaching a classroom of students.

Vazquez says that disguising himself inspires him to be a better teacher, and he's had a much better connection with his students since upgrading his workday wardrobe. His decision initially was met with mixed reactions, but now he's lovingly referred to throughout his department as the "Spider-Man of Science."

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Vazquez isn't looking for fame or attention. Rather, he simply wants people to see that they can always do their work with more feeling, more happiness, and more purpose. "That's the important thing," he insists, "not who is doing it, but rather what is being done.

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