Producer Casts Doubt on 4 Batman Movies in 2019 Rumor


Over the weekend, rumors circulated that Warner Bros. is reportedly eyeing four "Batman" films for release in 2019. However, WB executive producer Jon Berg - who is co-running DC Films alongside Geoff Johns - took to Twitter this morning, seemingly extinguishing the flame that ignited this news.

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In the tweet, Berg asks Johns why he didn't tell him they were releasing four "Batman" movies in 2019, before asking if they can up the ante and do 10 films. Clearly, Berg's sarcastic tone seems to hint that the earlier rumors were just that - rumors.

According to the initial rumor, 2019 would see the release of  “Gotham City Sirens” in February, followed by “Nightwing” on Memorial Day Weekend, “Batgirl” in August and “The Batman” in November, in honor of the Caped Crusader's 80th anniversary. While it's certainly possible that we could still see one, if not all of these films in 2019, Berg's comment seems to indicate that Warner Bros. has no such plans set in stone. After all, that same year, WB will also have their hands full with other DC Extended Universe films such as "Shazam!" and the "Justice League" sequel, not to mention “The Flash,” the “Suicide Squad” and “Man of Steel” sequels, and “Black Adam,” all of which don’t yet have official release dates yet.

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One thing that is for certain, though, is that you'll be able to see Batman on the big screen this fall, as "Justice League" assembles in theaters November 17.

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