Producer Brian Grazer Regrets Making 'Cowboys & Aliens'

If you have bad memories of "Cowboys & Aliens," rest assured you're not the only one. Despite an enviable roster of talent that included stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, director Jon Favreau, writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof, and executive producer Steven Spielberg, the $163 million sci-fi Western was a flop.

And it's a film that producer Brian Grazer, for one, would like to forget.

"I agreed to be part of a movie called 'Cowboys & Aliens,'” The Atlantic quotes him as saying last week at the Aspen Ideas Festival. "I don't like cowboys, or aliens! But there were a lot of superstars involved with it — Ron Howard; Steven Spielberg; the director of Iron Man, Jon Favreau. I remember having this one meeting, an early meeting, and they're talking about the title, 'Cowboys and Aliens.' I said, 'We aren't really calling it that, are we?' [The others said] 'Yeah, of course we are!' I was going, I don't get this at all."

Sort of based on the 2006 graphic novel from Platinum Studios (the film rights were pitched and sold nearly a decade before the comic's release), "Cowboys & Aliens" grossed $174.8 million worldwide and received mixed reviews.

Grazer seemed to acknowledge the material simply wasn't up to snuff, saying “Every once in a while I rationalize quality. There are so many decisions you make, and you're trying to do excellence. We know what excellence is. We know what better food is versus not good food. But there's a rationalizing process — that's good enough. Anytime the light bulb goes, that's good enough, it's shitty!"


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