Process: Nick Bertozzi draws Lewis & Clark

At the First Second blog, Nick Bertozzi takes us through a page of his newest graphic novel, Lewis & Clark, which is due out later this spring—including lessons learned:

I tried using a new roughing technique for LEWIS & CLARK, putting together all of my layout using Adobe Illustrator. It's great for positioning text exactly where you want it, but drawing right onto a computer is a crazy idea. Just think, you can draw your image up to 800% magnification which means the awesome detail that you're drawing on Meriwether Lewis's epaulets will look like a muddy splotch at 100% magnification. Stay AWAY from the zoom tool is my advice here.

Incidentally, I have an advance copy of this and it looks awesome—it's a historical tale told with a light touch and plenty of humor, and it's well worth checking out.

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