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15 Major Problems With The DCEU Movies Fans Choose To Ignore

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15 Major Problems With The DCEU Movies Fans Choose To Ignore

We all want the DC Extended Universe to succeed. Because if it does, there’s a bigger chance to see more fan favorite DC characters on our screens in huge blockbusters. They’ve certainly got ambitious plans for the future with Green Lantern Corps and Justice League Dark on the distant horizon. They’re looking to expand their grounded universe with characters like Nightwing and Batgirl, but also have a wild reality changing opportunity with Flashpoint. DC can be criticised for plenty of things, but nobody can deny that they’re ambitious. It’s just a shame that with each huge film they release, each one seems to have more than enough plot holes to pick apart.

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And although the same could be said for most big Hollywood films, problems just seem to be extremely prevalent with DC’s films at the moment. Whether that’s just a problem with the plot, or inconsistencies across several films, DC make some glaring mistakes from time to time. Even the critically acclaimed Wonder Woman misses the mark occasionally. Quick warning, there are Justice League spoilers here as well as spoilers for the rest of the DCEU. Here are 15 major problems with the DCEU movies fans choose to ignore.



When Steppenwolf makes his way to Earth, he begins hunting down all of the Mother Boxes. They’re an indescribable source of power in the DC Universe, and will allow Steppenwolf to claim the planet for himself to get back in Darkseid’s favor. The League quickly scramble to defend all of the artifacts, with Cyborg gaining the last one.

But after Superman is revived and can’t remember what’s happened recently, the League fight him off. But they carelessly leave the Mother Box behind undefended. Obviously, Steppenwolf steps in as they’re distracted and takes it for himself. The League have some genius level superheroes on their team and yet no one thought to either bring the box with them, or leave it defended. Well done team, you nearly jeopardized the world.


Lex Luthor Jessie Eisenberg

So during Batman v Superman, Lex Luthor’s main character arc saw him want to create a deterrent against the Man of Steel in case he ever went rogue and used his powers against Earth. That’s not an unreasonable thought to have, he’s worried about an alien killing everyone. So why did he go ahead and create an alien that tried to kill everyone?

Lex created Doomsday in the Kryptonian ship left over from Man of Steel, using his own blood and Zod’s dead body. He then proclaims it’s his ‘Doomsday’. The monster goes on a rampage, killing Superman and probably many others when it was hurling around skyscrapers. Lex started out with honest intentions of protecting humanity, then devolved into creating something that could destroy it with no contingency plan. Great.



Ah Wonder Woman, so far it’s been the only DC film that was both a critical and commercial success. And that’s completely warranted, but it is not without plot holes. For example, the finale of the movie where Steve Trevor sacrifices himself for the greater good. Or did he?

The plane he commandeers is loaded with Doctor Poison’s toxic gas. So to stop it from being used, he shoots he canisters at a high altitude to make the plane explode. But wouldn’t the explosion just disperse the gas further? We saw what a canister could do to a small town, imagine what hundreds of them would do. Were there no lasting effects among the population? Think of the people Steve Trevor, think of the people.



When the Suicide Squad were finally all introduced and were given a mission to carry out, the story started to become very muddled. The soldiers accompanying them all seemed well equipped to the job the villains had been sent to do to begin with. And when it came to their objective, it was to walk Amanda Waller out of a room and onto a rooftop for a helicopter to pick her up.

Okay, we get that Midway City had been turned into a war zone, that’s fine. But the team managed to get Waller from her secure room to the rooftop without any problems whatsoever. Why jeopardize having these criminals out in public when the military could have probably done the job better? Is it because they’re now a dysfunctional family? Waller, your plan doesn’t make sense.


Justice League trailer Clark Kent

The Man of Steel ending saw Clark Kent take a job at the Daily Planet as an intrepid reporter working alongside Lois Lane. This is right after the world watched Superman fight it out with other alien invaders in huge spaceships. His face will have been photographed and documented. So why does nobody at the Daily Planet catch on that a Kryptonian is working at their publication? Let’s not act like the DC Universe doesn’t have facial recognition.

Just because he’s not wearing the blue suit and has a pair of glasses on, doesn’t mean his disguise is that great. He barely even changes his hairstyle to try and add some mystery to it. He may as well walk around in costume. Plus, everyone knows how close Lois was with Supes, surely one of her co-workers will have caught on that she’s living with someone who looks very similar.



We’re introduced to the Parademons, Steppenwolf’s biomechanical army that do his bidding. And it’s explained to us that the creatures can sense fear and will swarm to feed on it. They even began feeding on their so called ‘fearless’ leader at the end of the film when he realized he’d been beaten. We see them detect it from quite a distance away, so why didn’t they go for Barry Allen during the steam tower scene?

The Flash tells Batman that he’s never done battle, he just moves fast. He’s visibly terrified of everything going on, but the Parademons don’t sense anything when the team are hiding. They should’ve automatically latched onto Barry’s fear and attacked.


Once Justice League finally brings Superman back from the dead, the team have to fight him because he’s not quite sure who everyone is and all he can remember is Batman trying to kill him. And when Flash tries to run up behind him, Supes’ eyes catch up to speed and spot the speedster. The two briefly fight before he knocks The Flash back.

So we know that Superman is incredibly fast, that’s great. So why didn’t he use this speed when he was fighting Batman or Doomsday? Okay, he might not have wanted to kill Batman at the time, but he certainly wanted to stop him. We’re also quite sure that if he could keep up with The Flash, he could have stopped Doomsday from stabbing him. Sorry.


Rick Flag and June Moon

We’re shown from near the beginning of the film that Rick Flagg and June Moone had fallen in love, so Waller manipulated the soldier into keeping her in check. Unfortunately Enchantress breaks free and tries to take over the world. Talk about having a dark side.

Enchantress and June are shown to be two very different people. But for some bizarre reason, Enchantress tries to kidnap Rick Flagg. There’s no real explanation for it, except it gives the team a chance to prove themselves and save him. This isn’t followed up on later on in the film either. It’s obvious that June wasn’t in control of Enchantress whatsoever, so what was the villains’ intentions? We’ll probably never know. Are we complaining about that? Not so much.


affleck knightmare batman

Batman v Superman was a problematic film. It was attempting to be a sequel to Man of Steel whilst simultaneously setting up a springboard for the rest of DC’s cinematic universe. Part of that was teasing threats to come in the future. Yes, we’re talking about the ‘Knightmare Vision’ sent to Batman by The Flash.

It had absolutely nothing to do with the story aside from showing Bruce that Superman could be dangerous if provoked. But when Parademons show up in Justice League, Bruce doesn’t mention his vision to anyone. It might hold vital clues as to who they’ll really be facing Bruce! He doesn’t appear to recognize the Parademons plaguing the world or even recognize Barry in his red speedster costume. Because that would have been a genuinely interesting way of tying Batman and The Flash together, solving the mystery of the future vision.


Batman v. Superman Superman Not a Symbol of Hope

At the beginning of Batman v Superman, Lois Lane travels to the middle east to interview a terrorist. It turns out Jimmy Olsen was a CIA operative and is executed before the rest of the terrorists are killed by the Luthor Mercenaries. Their bodies are burnt and it’s made to look like Superman burnt them alive.

Okay, so we’re not a forensic scientist like Barry Allen, but all of these terrorists had been shot first. So why did Congress come to the conclusion that Superman had killed them? It felt like a cheap way of taking a political shot at the Man of Steel. Maybe that was the point, or maybe it was just to get him into the hearing so he could watch everyone die in the explosion. Either way, the whole conspiracy became very convoluted.


Ares Justice League David Thewlis

During Wonder Woman, it’s explained to us that Ares became jealous of humanity and waged war against Zeus. Zeus couldn’t defeat him but was able to craft a weapon that could take care of him when the time came. It tells us how much power Ares must have if the most powerful God couldn’t kill him.

So how is it possible that a demi-god could kill Ares? We’re not diminishing Wonder Woman’s abilities, but surely this makes her even more powerful than Zeus himself. In which case, Wonder Woman isn’t a demi-god, she’s a fully-fledged God. But it seems strange that using all of his power would actually kill Zeus, because that’s the reason that Hippolyta explains to Diana. What’s the use of having those abilities if he couldn’t use them without dying? Seems backwards to us.


When Midway City is completely taken over, the Suicide Squad aren’t told what it is their mission is to begin with. They’re deployed via helicopter into the warzone, awaiting their fate. But as they’re flying through the abandoned city, their helicopter is hit by some kind of projectile and they crash land.

But we’re never shown who it was that fired on the vehicle. Was it Joker’s crew or Enchantress? It’s a minor detail but the intentions are the same for either culprit. But could Enchantress’ monsters really use a grenade or missile launcher with precise aim to bring down a helicopter? It seems slightly unlikely seeing as they’re creepy, jittery monsters. That can barely hold a fight together let alone manage to bring down a helicopter in the middle of a city.


Clark Kent Man Of Steel

So after Superman’s tragic death at the hands of Doomsday and by extension, Lex Luthor, Clark Kent is buried back in Smallville at a small private ceremony. His boss, Perry White and a few others from the Daily Planet attend the funeral to pay their respects to Clark. The reason covering for Clark’s death isn’t explained though.

Fast forward to Justice League, and Superman is revived using The Flash’s powers combined with the Mother Box as well as the Kryptonian ship. Clark ends the film by returning to the Daily Planet. How is he going to explain that one? He’s going to give Perry and his co-workers a heart attack by walking through the front door like that. There needs to be a coherent explanation as to how Clark and Superman both returned simultaneously.


After her helicopter is brought down by some of Enchantress’ monsters, Amanda Waller is used as a source of information for the villain to move on her plan to take over the world. Including using bolts of lightning to take out aircraft carriers and radar dishes, of course. In doing so, she stabs Amanda Waller full of tentacles that absorb her knowledge.

We don’t see how the head of Task Force X ever escapes or how she removed all the tentacles. The next time we see her, she’s completely fine and none of the team question how she managed to escape completely unscathed. Maybe it’s lazy storytelling, perhaps the scene was cut, but it just doesn’t make sense. It’s a good thing that Viola Davis is a phenomenal actress.



Okay, so after the death of Superman during the finale of Batman v Superman, his friends and family bury him back in Smallville. It’s an emotional scene, especially for Lois and Martha. Batman and Wonder Woman watch from a distance, worried about a future without the Kryptonian. But the dirt thrown on his coffin rises, as if Clark isn’t dead and is preparing to fly.

But when Flash and Cyborg exhume his body, Superman is still very much dead. He’s buried and shows no signs of regenerating. He’s dead. The only thing that brings him back is the Motherbox alongside Flash’s powers. So why did the dirt rise on his coffin? Residual energy? Dwindling plot threads? It’s clear that the story was changed in the time between the two feels.

Which of these bothered you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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