The 15 Most Problematic Superhero Father-Daughter Dynamic Duos

In the superhero game, sometimes it becomes a family affair. The reason is that superheroes are people too. Regardless of what they do in their side jobs, they have lives to go back to when the work is done. At the same time, those lives usually come with families to go home to. Most of the time, it's just a friend or two, or one relative they can count on, but sometimes heroes will create families of their own.

When a superhero decides to start a family of their own, children always become involved. Parents, especially superhero parents, are never happy about their children participating but it happens. In those situations, the only thing a parent can do is protect their child, but on occasion, protecting them can drive a wedge between them. In addition, problematic relationships can begin to brew, especially between fathers and daughters. Even if they're not working together, fathers and daughters in the superhero business have a difficult time getting along. To shed light on some of the most troublesome father-daughter superheroes, we've compiled a list of the worst we've seen so far.


The name Betty Ross is usually associated with being Bruce Banner's love interest but she's more than just that, namely becoming a superhero herself. In the comics, Betty became Red She-Hulk after her supposed death. Not much of an explanation is given as to how, but Betty comes back pretty twisted.

As Red She-Hulk, she attacks Domino, Elektra, and even attempts to kill her own father. She doesn't succeed but she gets pretty close. Neither of them learns the other's true identity until Betty reverts back to her human form in public view. One would assume a reunion between them would happen, but according to Betty, he's still dead to her. Keep in mind that their tense relationship didn't start with their Hulk counterparts emerging and it doesn't look like it's going to bring them any closer, as is evidenced by Betty's attempt on her father's life.


The relationship between Logan and X-23 isn't as troublesome as it is difficult for them to handle. Neither has experience caring for someone or having someone care for them, so the situation breeds trouble. We saw this on display the best in 2017's Logan. There, an old, weary Wolverine wound up caring for the genetically engineered daughter he never knew about, Laura, aka X-23.

Logan and Laura didn't get to spend too much time together but what they did have proved to be... complicated, at best. In that span of time, Laura showed off how she's just as stubborn as her father, as well as her anger management issues. After seeing this, it's pretty clear their personalities are obviously going to collide in ways that we can only describe as "tense." Of course, tragically, we never got to see how their finally budding relationship by the film's end would eventually play out.


Unless you're a die-hard comic fan, you might not know that Wolverine has spawned multiple children. The most widely forgotten one has to be Rina Logan, aka Wild-Thing. She was first brought into existence in the Earth-982 universe. There, Wolverine and Elektra get married and have their one and only daughter, Rina.

As for their relationship, Rina and Logan's is one of the more heart-warming. Surprisingly, they worked together various times in the Wild-Thing comics, and it actually went well. Some excerpts show them sitting around, joking. Yes, the stalwart Logan joshes around with his daughter. Unfortunately, not every adventure ended so peacefully for the duo. Sometimes arguments would brew, but they tended to boil down to typical father-daughter disagreements, but with the whole superhero twist!


In the DC universe, Jim Gordon has always attempted to minimize the superhero factor in his life. He's tried to keep his family out of it but they always wind up being hostages on numerous occasions. This has only made Jim more wary of superheroes and villains that are out of this world. So, when the time came for his daughter, Barbara, to become embroiled in it, he wasn't all too pleased.

The way Barbara got into "the life" was unbeknownst to Jim Gordon for some time but he had to face the reality of superhero lives having a profound effect on them in The Killing Joke. In that highly-contentious comic, Barbara was shot and paralyzed by the Joker. This led Barbara to drop her identity as Batgirl for that of the hacker Oracle. Of course, Jim didn't like the fact Barbara was putting herself in danger after being paralyzed by one of the maniacs who could come after her again.


Out of the most complicated father-daughter duos, Magneto and the Scarlet Witch, probably have the most troublesome. They're sometimes on the same page, but most times they find themselves on opposite sides of the moral divide. On top of that, Magneto once kidnapped both Wanda and Pietro (Quicksilver, his son) in an attempt to coerce them into his evil schemes. With that known, it's fair to say there's a bit of strain on Wanda and Magneto's relationship. Of course, these days, it has been retconned that Pietro and Wanda are not Magneto's kids, so this may all be moot.

Magneto's other daughter, Polaris, shared a slightly different relationship with the master of magnetism. It was still difficult, just in a different way. To be more precise, Polaris spent a long time trying to learn the identity of her father. A few times, she got close and even suspected Magneto of being her father, but was proven wrong by outside parties. It wasn't until a definitive blood-test proved their lineage that they were able to finally reunite... although like Wanda, it was a tenuous relationship at best.


Peter Parker is another father of the Marvel universe who's tried to keep his daughter, May, out of the crime-fighting game, but failed to. Well, it wasn't much as a failure as it was May venturing out on her own in the alternate universe known as Earth-982. There, May "Mayday" Parker becomes the next Spider-hero after Peter retires. She winds up filling his shoes after a long battle with Green Goblin leaves Peter with an amputated leg. Peter is offered a prosthetic by Mister Fantastic but takes the loss as a sign to hang up the suit for good.

What Peter wasn't counting on was his own daughter taking on the mantle in his place. He expected May to develop powers of her own but hoped she wouldn't. When she did, Peter and Mary Jane became determined to keep her out of the fight. Unfortunately, May went about being Spider-Girl anyway and Peter eventually came to accept that his daughter was going to be a superhero regardless.


Born in the 3oth century, Dawn Allen had a difficult relationship with her father, mainly because she never meets him. Barry dies before Dawn's birth and she has to go through life following instructions from her cousin, Wally West. She doesn't take too well to this because Wally got the chance to work with Barry when she never did. Because of this, Dawn always felt a bit jealous of Wally. At the same time, Dawn's jealousy turned into resentment of her own father.

When Dawn learns that her father sacrificed himself to save the Multiverse during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, she accepts it but isn't too happy with the outcome. Dawn doesn't fully grasp why Barry would willingly give up his life, which is where her resentment stems from. The good news is that Dawn eventually forgives her father, understanding it wasn't his choice to leave them.


While it may be a surprise to many, Cable is actually a really good father. Despite his gruff appearance and short-temper, he's a devout dad, intent on keeping his daughter Hope safe. Cable even goes back in time to stop an assassination attempt made on his daughter, potentially altering the timeline, causing irreparable damage to history. However, ironically, that lack of vision is the problem in Cable and Hope's relationship.

When they're together, they get along pretty well, but separated, Cable always seems to go on a warpath to find his daughter. He pushes everything else aside for her, which is a good quality to have in a father. However, endangering the universe and placing the lives of millions of people in danger is bound to result in some unforeseen consequences. Luckily, Cable hasn't made too many drastic changes to the timeline, at least as far we know of.


Most fans might not know this but Wade Wilson a.k.a Deadpool has a daughter by the name of Eleanor. He unexpectedly finds out about Ellie when her mother, Carmelita, seeks Wade out for child support. Wade doesn't believe her and the trouble with Ellie begins.

After Wade unknowingly abandons his daughter, she and her mother are kidnapped by the villainous Butler. Upon discovering the truth behind Ellie's whereabouts, Wade breaks into Camp 23 to free them. At the camp, Wade finds Carmelita's mutilated corpse and expects to find Ellie's in the same position. He doesn't and chooses not to pursue her. Later on, Wade runs into Ellie again when she and her adoptive father are targeted by U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M agents. Wade manages to save Ellie but to keep her safe, he has her declared dead and sends her to live with Emily Preston's family.


Another character you might not know has a superhero daughter is Scott Lang the Ant-Man. Well, if you've seen the recent Ant-Man movie with Paul Rudd then you probably noticed Cassie's presence. But, what fans didn't get to see was Cassie suit up in a costume similar to her father's.

Secret identities aside, the biggest problem in Cassie and Scott's relationship was that it endangered her life on many occasions. Cassie's mother, Peggy, attempted to keep Cassie out of harm's way but all it did was drive a temporary wedge between Cassie and her father. The good news is that it didn't stop Scott from coming to her rescue when needed. Sadly, Scott wound up losing his life during a bungled rescue attempt, leaving Cassie fatherless yet again.


Nadia and Hank's relationship is another one that's complicated in more ways than one. Though, the most troublesome aspect is how Nadia was raised. To give you a little backstory, Nadia grew up in the Red Room. Yes, the same Red Room that groomed Natasha Romanoff into an assassin transformed Nadia into one of their soldiers as well.

After some time with the organization, Nadia managed to escape, followed by her return to her father's home. Unfortunately, Nadia found out shortly after that Henry sacrificed himself to stop Ultron. This left her in a confused state, which led to Nadia breaking into Henry's lab. In the lab, she created a makeshift suit out of her father's old uniform, calling herself the new Wasp. Although, Nadia still didn't get to meet him even after reaching his home.


Like most of Marvel's Runaways, Gertrude and Dale Yorkes have a complicated relationship. To sum it up, Gertrude isn't too fond of her father being a member of the Pride. Dale willfully took part in the murder of Destiny Gonzales and doesn't seem to feel any remorse for the crime. However, Gert can't ignore the fact that Dale had a tele-empathic bond implanted in Old Lace for her.

The Yorkes' reason for creating the dinosaur is an odd one but its creation alone means both Dale and Stacey had the best intentions for their daughter. Once Gert comes to this realization, she tangles with the conflicting emotions she has. On the one hand, her parents are murderers, but on the other, they care enough for her that they've created a "prehistoric guard dog" for Gert, so there's definitely a challenging element in their relationship.


As a young child, Toni Ho had a great relationship with her father. When her parents divorced, a distance made it difficult for Yinsen to maintain his relationship with his daughter. Luckily, Yinsen kept in touch and made sure Toni knew that he loved her. The bad news is that Yinsen died two years after while saving Tony Stark's life. She felt robbed by the situation, blaming Tony Stark for the longest time. Although, she also blamed her father for giving up his life for Stark.

The upside to being disappointed by her father's death was that it set her on the path to reach her full potential. She was born with a brilliant mind but it was her father's untimely death that really put things in perspective for her, which inevitably led to Toni becoming the Iron Patriot, and Supreme Leader of A.I.M.


Nico probably has the most complicated father-daughter relationship on this list. She's the daughter of a dark wizard but also of someone who sacrificed his life to save her from the Gibborum during the failed Rite of Thunder. His actions allow Nico to escape and she's given one last, good thing to remember her mother and father for. Although, their past comes back to haunt Nico yet again.

Nico's mother actually tries to stab her in the chest. Yes, when Nico runs into her parents, Tina reveals that she and Robert are dark wizards, then attempt to stab Nico with the Staff of One. Tina wasn't expecting Nico to absorb the staff, however. As a result, the staff became part of Nico, summoned by her blood. This experience definitely changed Nico's relationship with her father and mother, but not for the better.


For some, Calvin Zabo is the most predictable entrant to see on this list. He's a mad scientist with aspirations of becoming a wild beast. But, fathering a child was the one thing he did right. After, he didn't have much to do with Daisy's upbringing, giving her up for adoption. That eventually led to Daisy joining S.H.I.E.L.D.

On his own, Calvin Zabo, aka Mister Hyde, continued to pursue criminal enterprises on his own. Eventually, he encountered his daughter while out on a Hydra-led mission. Quake was leading an Inhuman team at the time and battled it out with Hyde. The fight resulted in Quake and several members of her team being captured. Hyde attempted to bargain with Quake, asking her to join him. She almost gave him a decision but ran out of time, once again complicating their relationship.

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