'Prison Break' Revival in the Works at Fox

With an "X-Files" miniseries the works, and a potential "24" spinoff on the horizon, Fox is now turning its attention to "Prison Break."

TVLine reports the network is developing a limited-run revival of the 2005-2009 crime thriller that would reteam stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell (already reunited as Captain Cold and Heat Wave on "The Flash" and the upcoming spinoff "DC's Legends of Tomorrow."

The plan at this early stage -- Deadline contends formal talks haven't begun -- apparently would be for a format akin to last year's "24: Live Another Day," with a dozen or so episodes and a storyline with a definitive ending. Series creator Paul Scheuring is said to be interested.

How the story would play out, and whether there's actually an audience for such a revival, are major questions left to be answered. "Prison Break" initially struck a chord with audiences, who were drawn into the serial drama about a brilliant structural engineer (Miller) who orchestrates a complicated plan to free his wrongfully convicted brother (Purcell) from a state penitentiary ... by having himself sentenced there.

However, as the focus shifted from the Byzantine plan of Miller's character (and the full-body tattoo that held all its keys) to the escape to the re-imprisonment in Panama to ... well, the cracks really became glaring. Miller's character seemingly died in the series finale, but his resurrection for a limited series wouldn't be out of left field, considering everything else that happened on the show.

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