Princeless Book 5: Make Yourself #1

Tomorrow, Jeremy Whitley's Princeless series continues with the release of the first issue of the fifth book of the Princeless series, with art by Emily Martin and colorist Brett Grunig. The way the series continues is a bit of a novel one, as the "book" approach is an apt description, as this really is very much a continued narrative, just split into short "books," which it an approach that I fully support, as #1s tend to work well as jump-on points for new readers (even more so than your typical "series of mini-series," Princeless is really just one long story).

If you're unfamiliar about Princeless, it about a young princess who frees herself (along with the dragon that was guarding here) and goes to free her sisters from THEIR guarded towers (she's helped on the journey by a half-dwarf armor maker named Bedelia). The great Kelly Sue DeConnick recommended Princeless last year when I did my month of recommendations by cool comic creators.


Book 5 of the series opens with an intriguing expansion to the cast of characters, as well as an interesting consolidation of the plots of a couple of the book's supporting characters.

Adrienne's twin brother is trying to get home and he is aided by a werewolf named Kira. They come across a rival prince who is in a similar situation, being aided by Tempest the Elf...

Meanwhile, as Adrienne and Bedelia go to visit Bedelia's dwarf relatives, we see that theirs is a society that is well prepared for dragons (which Adrienne and Bedelia happen to be riding)...

Martin and Grunig do a wonderful job visualizing the deceptively primitive defense weapons that the Dragonslayers use, which include basically shooting themselves at dragons in catapults. Also, in a series where happy relationships ten to be few and far between, it is nice to see that two of the Dragonslayers are in a happy, loving marriage.


Whitley's combining the stories of the two princes into one was a smart move, as it allows greater ease to spotlight multiple plot lines while giving each one its proper due. Meanwhile, the Dragonslayers are really interesting additions to the Princeless world, and I await to see how they will be used next on Adrienne and Bedelia's journey.

Princeless continues to be an enjoyable and fun comic book series and Whitley really seems to have things well planned out for the foreseeable future with this book.

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