Priest previews Black Panther's latest story arc

[Black Panther]Writer Christopher Priest has provided Black Panther fans a sneak peak at the series' next major story arc on his Web site today. Titled "Enemy of the State II," this story line is a sequel to the "Enemy of the State" story arc that originally ran in the original Marvel Knights run of "Black Panther #9-12" which has now been collected in a trade paperback.

Priest said on his Web site: "The story pits Black Panther against long-time ally Iron Man in a kind of Miles Drentel ("thirtysomething," "Once & Again") corporate war that becomes an international black ops war where the good guys and bad guys are constantly being redefined, and these two cunning masters of misdirection spend five months yanking the rug out from under one another with (hopefully) clever reversals and lots of scheming.

"'Enemy' was a labor of love (and I do mean labor), and we're all nervous as schoolgirls to see how this Grisham-esque caper will play to fans old and new. Ordering on this arc is strong, giving PANTHER the best numbers the book has had in a long time (great news when you're a book constantly one phone call away from cancellation), and the trade paperback of the first 'Enemy' is about to ship to bookstores across the globe. Lots of crossed fingers up at the office and out here in the styx, as we all strap ourselves in for what will, hopefully, be a giddy exercise in snarky politics and ruthless industrial combat."

"Enemy of the State II" begins in "Black Panther #41" and Priest noted that readers looking to get into the series would fine this a good jumping on point. The preview can be seen by clicking this link.

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