Priest Donates Classic Comic Collection To Pay For New School

Comics going to a worthy cause? That's exactly what's happening in Traverse City, Michigan. An area priest, Fr. Greg McCallum, is donating his comic book collection to the local Gladhander Auction. The proceeds go towards funding Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools, and McCallum's collection, valued at around $4,200, is a welcome addition to the $10,748,300 the annual event has raised since its inception in 1983.

McCallum's collection once totaled 6,000 issues of various comics. It's smaller now but still contains some prize gems. Most notably, copies of Iron Man from the 1960s and 1970s, and issues of "Tales Of Suspense" that featured both Iron Man and Captain America.

"This is the Holy Grail," McCallum said, pointing specifically to "Tales of Suspense" #39, the first appearance of Iron Man. "This is the one that would create the most interest because it was the birth of a hero that has become very popular."

McCallum stressed that the comics held great sentimental value. The only reason he's decided to give them up now is that he believes the cause is right.

"There are a lot of good causes," he explained, "but the Catholic school system is entering into a critical campaign, capital campaign for a new school and I thought this might be the perfect timing to create a little interest."

The Auction will take place Saturday, Oct. 29, at Traverse City St. Francis High School.

Via 9&10 News

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