Previews: What Looks Good for June

Time once again for our monthly trip through Previews looking for cool, new comics. As usual, we're focusing on graphic novels, collected volumes, and first issues so that I don’t have to come up with a new way to say, “Batman: The Brave and the Bold is still awesome!” every month. And I’ll continue letting Tom and Carla do the heavy lifting in regards to DC and Marvel’s solicitations.

Also, please feel free to play along in the comments. Tell me what I missed that you’re looking forward to or – if you’re a comics creator – feel free to mention your own stuff.


Welcome to Oddville! - It's got Jay Stephens' (Tutenstein, The Secret Saturdays) name on it, so I'm going to need to have it.


Gobs #1 - Likewise this with Richard Moore's name. I'd rather it be a new Boneyard issue, but I'll take vile goblins living in a giant's corpse.


Old City Blues - Archaia's got a great track record when it comes to entertaining me, so if I'm going to take a chance on a cyberpunk story - a genre that I either love or loathe depending on the story - I feel like I'm in pretty good hands with them.

Dark Horse

Conan: Island of No Return #1 - I just realized what Lost was missing: a haunted castle and the greatest barbarian in the world.

Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities and the Ghastly Fiend of London - Emilio Esteves and his freakish friends take on Jack the Ripper.

Hellboy: The Fury #1 - Starting the final chapter in Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo's massive Hellboy saga.

BPRD: Hell on Earth, Volume 1:  New World - As Hellboy's current epic comes to a close, the BPRD's new one gets its first collection.

Space Family Robinson Archives, Volume 1 - Perhaps not the inspiration for Lost in Space, but the Space Family Robinson comic does predate its famous TV twin by three years. In fact, Lost in Space specifically added its two most famous elements - Dr. Smith and the Robot - in order to differentiate itself from the Gold Key version collected here. There may be no "Will Robinson," but I'm looking forward to seeing what danger Tim and his sister Tam can find instead.


Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #1 - I'm not interested in Flashpoint as an event, but I do love that it's giving DC the opportunity to try some new things. Like the Frankenstein series I've been waiting for since Seven Soldiers of Victory...

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #1 - ...and the Justice League of Amazons series I've been wanting since 2001's Justice Leagues event...

Flashpoint: Lois Land and the Resistance #1 - ...and the Lois Lane series I've known would be awesome since forever...

Flashpoint: Grodd of War #1 - ...and the Gorilla Grodd series that I didn't realize I craved, but would have if I wasn't so dumb...

Flashpoint: The Canterbury Cricket #1 - ...and this thing, which is just weird, but that's exactly why I want to read it.

Doc Savage #15 - Since the First Wave line's going away, this is too late to do any good, but I can't not point out that Doc Savage is fighting a pterodactyl on the cover.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #8 - Oh, screw it. Batman: the Brave and the Bold is still awesome. Especially this issue, which has Batman joining the Outrageous Aquaman on a sea monster- and pirate-filled, undersea journey.

X-Files/30 Days of Night - This collection was hard to wait for. Two of my favorite, modern horror franchises together at last.


Blackbeard: Legend of the Pyrate King - Looking forward to seeing how this fills in the gaps of Blackbeard's life. Gaps that I've spent a lot of time thinking about because I'm a pirate nerd.


The Armed Garden and Other Stories - David B (The Littlest Pirate King) takes on legend and mythology in this collection.

First Second

Defiance: Resistance, Book 2 - I very much enjoyed Book 1 and have been looking forward to the sequel.

Olympians, Book 3: Hera: The Goddess and Her Glory - Likewise the latest in George O'Connor's Olympians series. Just this week I introduced my son to Hercules: The Legendary Journeys on DVD and he asked me why Hera's so mean. I immediately went to O'Connor's interpretation of her personality and motivations for my explanation and it added a layer to the show that I hadn't considered before. It'll be very interesting to see O'Connor play this out in a full book instead of just the couple of cameos that Hera's had so far in the series.


Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths #1 - Another Godzilla series for me to buy and my son to steal from me. We're both grateful.

Jericho: Season Three - Another hard-to-wait-for collection, but the troubles this thing had getting to finished form is one of the main reasons I do wait for the trade. Much love to IDW for taking over and getting it done.


Reed Gunther #1 - Everyone's favorite grizzly-riding cowboy comes to Image.

Deadlands - The RPG this is based on was easily in the top five campaigns my gaming group ever played, due in no small part to the fantastic world the game's designers created. My gaming buddies have scattered like carnivorous tumbleweeds, but I'm ecstatic about getting to revisit the Weird West in comics. There's no reason this shouldn't be completely awesome.

Rodd Racer - Ooh. I haven't read a good car comic in a long time. Sounds like a darker version of Speed Racer, so I'm in.

Trailblazer - Another Image Western this month, but this one's by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and involves time travel and the witness relocation program. Well done, Jimmy and Justin.

Echoes - Have you been trade-waiting Josh Fialkov's latest creepfest? Time to get out your wallet.


Fear Itself: Black Widow - I promised myself I wouldn't mention every comic that has Black Widow in it, but this one's written by Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun). They keep giving my favorite characters to great writers; I'll keep pointing it out.

Fear Itself: The Deep - Like Bunn on what's essentially an underwater Defenders book.

Alpha Flight #1 - I have so much riding on this one, you guys. I've been saying for years that what's been wrong with Alpha Flight since Byrne left was that - inexplicably - no one wanted to play with the original team again. Fred Van Lente, Greg Pak, and Dale Eaglesham are going to put that theory to the test and - though I have much confidence that they're going to thrill me - I can't help but be a little nervous. It's kind of like anticipating seeing your high school girlfriend again at a 25-year reunion.

Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #1 - Dude! Another Frankenstein comic this month. And this one's got She-Hulk, Man-Thing, and Howard the Duck.

Ka-Zar #1 - Damn, Marvel's after my money this month. They know there's no resisting a Savage Land book.


Sherlock Holmes: Crossovers Casebook - I don't have a lot of patience for straight pastiches of Sherlock Holmes. They need something extra that Doyle never would have considered, otherwise I might as well just re-read his stories. They need things like team-ups with Houdini, Lawrence of Arabia, and Professor Challenger. Things like what Moonstone's crammed this book full of.

The Spider: Judge, Jury, and Executioner - My fondness of the first issue of Moonstone's new Spider on-going by Martin Powell has me interested in more stories about the character, even if Powell's not writing them.


Classics Illustrated Deluxe, Volume 6: The Three Musketeers - Not a reprint, this is an original adaptation of Dumas' story. And with almost 200 pages to it, it promises to be very different from the typical comics interpretation of the novel.


One Soul - I heard about this at Oni's C2E2 panel and was convinced that it's going to be something very special. It's the story of eighteen different lives from widely different historical periods told in a way that only comics could tell it. I was moved just listening to Ray Fawkes talk about the meticulous process he went through in figuring out how to make this book. I'm imagining how much more moved I'll be once I get to read it.

Top Shelf

Pirate Penguin vs. Ninja Chicken, Volume 1: Troublems with Frenemies - The title pretty much says it all, I think.

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