PREVIEWS: "Supernatural: Rising Son," "Supernatural: Origins," "Team Zero"

Wildstorm has released advanced looks at new comics on sale in April including Team Zero, Supernatural: Rising Son #1 and Supernatural: Origins. When you're done checking out these exciting images, be sure to stop by CBR's Wildstorm forum to discuss these titles with fellow readers.


Written by Chuck Dixon; Art and Cover by Doug Mahnke and Sandra Hope

Collecting the 6-issue miniseries shedding light on the history of the WildStorm Universe! In the twilight of World War II, the first battle of a new World War will be fought on the Eastern frontier of Germany by a band of seven American commandos. Can they accomplish their mission ahead of the Soviet army marching on their exact location?

Wildstorm Universe | 144pg. | Color | Softcover | $17.99 US

On Sale April 16, 2008


Written by Peter Johnston and Rebecca Dessertine; Art by Diego Olmos; Cover by Ben Oliver; Variant Cover by Dustin Nguyen

Dean and Sam Winchester were raised as Hunters by their widowed father, seeking vengeance on the supernatural elements that took their mother from them. But the road to vengeance is a dark one, and is it a place where children can have any semblance of a life?

Picking up several years after Supernatural: Origins, the boys are now old enough to join John on his cross-country hunting trips. Amid the carnage and violence, John's seeking something specific: any information on why his wife was murdered. But is he prepared for the answers that he'll find? And is he willing to sacrifice his 11-year-old son Dean to this hard, lonely life by giving him his first hunt?

Wildstorm | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US

On Sale April 23, 2008


Written by Peter Johnson; Art by Matthew Dow Smith; Cover by Tim Sale

This new collection - featuring the six issues of WildStorm's SUPERNATURAL: ORIGINS comic - acts as a prequel to the hit CW television show. Written by series Executive Producer Peter Johnson, it gives readers an incredible never-before-seen look into the mythos of the series!

Wildstorm | 144pg. | Color | Softcover | $14.99 US

On Sale April 23, 2008

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