PREVIEWS: Midnighter: Armageddon" + "The Authority: Prime"

Wildstorm has provided CBR News with advance looks at two of the DC Comics imprint's most anticipated new projects shipping in October: Midnighter: Armageddon, featuring art by Simon Coleby and The Authority: Prime, featuring art by Darick Robertson. Both titles are written by Christos Gage.

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Written by Christos Gage; Art by Simon Coleby; Cover by Mike McKone

In a devastating vision of tomorrow, the apocalypse comes to the WildStorm Universe in this special written by Wizard Magazine's 2007 Writer to Watch, Christos Gage! The Wildcats' Void mysteriously returns and transports the Midnighter to a not-so-distant future in which London has been destroyed — by the crashed wreckage of the Authority's dimension-shifting Carrier! Have his teammates survived? And is the Midnighter seeing a vision of things to come, or can this devastation be averted?

Wildstorm Universe | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US

On Sale October 31, 2007


Written by Christos Gage; Art and Cover by Darick Robertson

Fan-favorite creators Christos Gage (StormWatch: PHD) and Darick Robertson (The Boys) bring their incredible talents to The Authority — and it's a match made in heaven! StormWatch Prime has finally managed to crack the infamous Henry Bendix's encrypted memory tower and located a mysterious bunker hidden the Southwest desert. Knowing that anything springing from Bendix's brilliant, twisted mind could prove either invaluable or catastrophic, they immediately head for the bunker. But The Authority are watching, too, and want what's in the bunker for themselves. Will the Authority's desire to build a finer world come into conflict with StormWatch's goal of protecting humanity from the super-humans of the world? You bet it will!

Wildstorm Universe | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US

On Sale October 24, 2007

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