PreviewReview.com online comic guide opens for business

Press Release

Worried about getting your favorite comic books? Worry nolonger, as PreviewsReview.com went live September 20th athttp://www.PreviewsReview.com.

Founded by Christopher Butcher and James Lucas Jones, PreviewsReview.com is an online guide for comic readers to the best and brightest new comics, trade paperbacks, and Graphic Novels in Diamond Comics Distributors' PREVIEWS catalogue. While the Review is the central focus of the site, other features such as weekly comics recommendations, a guide to each months trade paperback and graphic novels releases, informational resources and more will continue to be added over the next three weeks.

Originating as a feature at PopImage.com, the Review soon grew in size and scope and necessitated it's own fully-featured website.

"I think the idea of the Review is really important," said ChristopherButcher. "There are tons of great books over there that, because they're not put out by the 'Premier' publishers or for any number of circumstances, don't get the attention or promotion that they deserve."

James Lucas Jones continued, "A big part of PreviewsReview.com isspotlighting not only the quality work of smaller publishers, but also the immense creative talents working in the mainstream to improve the industry as a whole. It's important that, regardless of publisher the best work gets spotlighted and promoted. That's why we're doing this."

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