Previewing "The Looking Glass Wars: Hatter M" #1

This December sees the release of first issue of "The Looking Glass Wars: Hatter M," a four-issue mini-series from Desperado Publishing and Image Comics. Coming out of the pages of the best-selling "The Looking Glass Wars" novel, writer Frank Beddor and artist Ben Templesmith bring a new take to the classic "Alice In Wonderland" story by Lewis Carroll.

While the novel itself is currently only available overseas, it will be published stateside by Penguin/Dial Books in the Fall of 2006. In the meantime, "Hatter M" the comic will be there to quench your thirst. For more on the series, don't miss our interview with Frank Beddor from July.


Frank Beddor has provided CBR News with a 10 page preview of the first book, along with a look at a Hatter M maquette. Beddor commissioned the folks at Gentle Giant Studios to create the maquette a while back to help him visualize the character. While it's all still in the very early planning stages, Beddor hopes to do a line of collectibles based on characters seen in "The Looking Glass Wars."

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"The Looking Glass Wars: Hatter M" #1 Preview
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